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Integrating leadership skills with a deep understanding of curriculum development needs in current school environments, the certificate program for supervisors of curriculum instruction provides an interactive learning experience for those seeking new leadership roles. Designed for educators who have completed five or more years of teaching, the evening classes and internship prepare candidates for certification as supervisor of PreK-12 curriculum and instruction from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This certificate is offered at the graduate level.

The program engages experienced educators in collaborative coursework and school-based internships. Candidates document the successful performance of their leadership skills and competencies in curriculum supervision in conjunction with state standards. The program can be completed as a stand alone program or in combination with a Master of Science in Instructional Leadership.

Contact Information

Patty Kardambikis, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 
Coordinator of Graduate Educational Leadership Programs

  • EDUC6000 Critical Issues Affecting American Education
  • EDUC6060 Curriculum Design and Assessment
  • EDUC6090 Instructional Leadership and Decision Making
  • EDUC6110 Integrating Instructional Technology
  • EDUC7001 The Role and Function of Personnel Supervision
  • EDUC7002 Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction Internship (360 hours)
Admissions Requirements

The admissions requirements include:

  • Teaching Certificate
  • Three acceptable criminal record/ child abuse clearances
  • Resume
  • 2 letters of reference
  • Transcripts
  • Employer Verification

Sample Courses:

These are some of the classes for students in this academic program:

Curriculum Design & Assessment
Integrating Instructional Technology
Role & Function of Personnel Supervision