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The M.S. in Healthcare Systems Engineering degree program prepares graduates to become proficient systems engineers and specialists capable of supporting healthcare entities as they work to become more responsive and flexible to their patients. 

Healthcare today is a rapidly growing career field. It also faces challenges related to safety, affordability, access, and the means for reliably producing positive outcomes for all patients of all ages and across all care environments. Recent studies by the National Academy of Engineering, National Science Foundation, National Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Medicine and several other agencies have argued persuasively that systems engineers are ideally suited to help healthcare become more patient-centered, more responsive and more flexible.

The M.S. in Healthcare Systems Engineering program is fully online. It utilizes an interdisciplinary curriculum model combining concepts from engineering and health sciences disciplines including lean management, process modeling and simulation, quality and process improvement, and information technology and data analysis.

The program is designed for experienced, mid-level, and ambitious junior-level engineers and healthcare professionals, and other specialists in STEM fields who are interested in addressing the complex challenges of healthcare through the application of innovation, management, and engineering principles.

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Cesar Poveda, Ph.D. 
Coordinator, MS programs

Holly M. Hampe, D.Sc.
Program director, Health Services Administration

Course Plan

Curriculum includes ten 3-credit courses, including eight core courses and two electives that can be selected from a curated array of engineering or health services administration courses.  

Core Courses

ENGR6200    Healthcare Systems Engineering
ENGR6220    Design of Experiments
ENGR6230    Process Modeling and Simulation
ENGR6240    Lean Management in Healthcare
HSAM6030    Performance Improvement and Quality Management in Healthcare
HSAM6040    Accountable Care Management and Finance
HSAM6080     Healthcare Logistics and Operations Management
HSAM6330    Managing Healthcare Information Systems

Electives (select 2)

ENGR6250    Service Systems, Engineering, and Management
HSAM6130    Risk Management in Healthcare (Patient Safety)
ENGR6210    Healthcare Project Management
HSAM6140    Human and Organizational Resource Management
ENGR5010    Cost Estimation and Financial Analysis
ENGR6280    Human Factors in Healthcare

Admissions Requirements
  • Bachelor’s degree required from a STEM discipline (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics)
  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0
  • Working knowledge of descriptive and inferential statistics
Application Process
  • Apply free online at
  • Submit all final & official transcripts to:   Robert Morris University 6001 University Blvd, Moon Township, PA  15108. 
  • Current resume
  • Essay on your professional & academic goals
  • Two letters of reference
  • Official GRE score not older than five years

The GRE score may be waived in lieu of three or more years of relevant work experience. An annotated resume detailing work experience, responsibilities, and projects will be reviewed by the Program Director for waiver approval.  

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Sample Courses:

These are some of the classes for students in this academic program:

Healthcare Project Management
Design of Experiments for Healthcare Systems
Accountable Care Management and Finance

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