Graphic Design Major Awarded Scholarship

Graphic design major Spencer Jackson was awarded a scholarship from art+biz which is an arts initiative designed to bridge creators with small business owners for project development, design ideas, and imaginative pairings. This scholarship is for college students who identify as Black or African American, Indigenous, or as a Person of Color and are pursuing a degree in arts, including, but not limited to: digital art, graphic design, fine arts, music, musical performance, drama/theatre, culinary arts, dance, cinematography and film, interactive media design, drawing, integrative arts, visual arts, photography, or a similar field of study. Spencer’s graphic design talents and insight into how to connect art + business make him the perfect recipient of this award, since he is applying his graphic design skills to become a video game designer.
art + biz is supported by grant funding and sponsorships in collaboration with Barrel & Flow Fest and Buy Fresh, Buy Local Western PA. More information can be found here: