Department of Organizational Leadership

Organizations are an inescapable part of social life, so an understanding of how human relationships work in organizations is an essential element of career success. The Department of Organizational Leadership focuses on developing broad-based knowledge about people and organizations that enables students to implement strategies to accomplish goals, drawing on the diverse capabilities of different participants.

As an interdisciplinary field of study, organizational leadership complements other professional skills. Across private and public sectors, employers require people to lead skillfully, communicate effectively, manage interpersonal conflicts, solve organizational problems, work in teams, and make ethical decisions.

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Programs degree availability
Academic Program - Certificate
Group Dynamics and Conflict Resolution Graduate Certificate Available - Online
Leadership and Organizational Change Graduate Certificate Available - Online
Leadership Ethics and Employment Law Graduate Certificate Available - Online
Nonprofit Leadership Graduate Certificate Available - Online
Academic Program - Undergraduate
Organizational Leadership B.S. B.S. Available - On Campus Available - Online
Academic Program - Graduate
Organizational Leadership M.S. M.S. Available - Online
Organizational Leadership M.S. (Nonprofit Leadership) M.S. Available - Online

Department Head

Malakyan, Petros G.
Petros G. Malakyan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership
Specialties: Leadership-followership theory, intercultural leadership