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The B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Hospitality and Tourism Management helps students understand the basic principles that underline the hospitality and tourism industry, with emphasis on management and marketing skills. Students develop an understanding of the global multi-cultural international marketplace. They also gain an understanding of the interrelationship of hospitality functions to guest satisfaction. With the 4+1 integrated degree program, students can go on to earn their M.B.A. with only one additional year of study.

Graduates hold positions at hotels, restaurants, resorts, attractions, airlines, parks, cruise lines, hospitals, retirement centers, and casino and gaming concerns. Jobs include event manager, restaurant manager, catering sales, and hotel manager.

Interested students in this course of study may be eligible for the Early Law School Admission Program.


Contact Information

David Synowka 
Phone: 412-397-6388
Fax: 412-397-2217
Room: Massey Hall 330

4-Year Course Plan

Freshman Year, Fall - 16 credits

Freshman Year, Spring - 15 credits

  • SOCI1010 Principles of Sociology
  • HUMA1010 Humanities: Art/Music
  • CSCM1030 Public Speaking and Persuasion 
  • MGMT2000 Management Theory and Practice
  • Natural Science Elective

Sophomore Year, Fall - 15 credits

  • MATH2040 Finite Math and Applied Calculus 
  • ECON1020 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • MARK2000 Principles of Marketing
  • CSCM2040 Professional Communicants in Workplace
  • ACCT2030 Introduction to Financial Accounting

Sophomore Year, Spring - 15 credits

Junior Year, Fall - 15 credits

  • FINA3000 Principles of Finance      
  • MGMT3650 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 
  • HTMG3021 Food and Beverage Operations
  • HTMG3020 Hospitality & Tourism Marketing & Sales
  • Business Administration Elective* 

Junior Year, Spring - 15 credits

  • HTMG3010 CIS for Hospitality/Tourism Management
  • HTMG3045 Meeting and Convention Management
  • ELIT____ Literature Elective
  • Business Administration Elective*
  • HIST____ History Elective

Senior Year, Fall - 15 credits

  • HTMG3053 Supervision Hospitality and Tourism
  • MGMT4050 International Business
  • Business Administration Elective*
  • Non-Business Elective
  • Non-Business Elective

Senior Year, Spring - 14 credits

  • MGMT4850-Strategic Management
  • HTMG4052 Executive Development
  • Business Administration Elective*
  • Non-Business Elective
  • Non-Business Elective

* All Business Electives must be a 3 or 4 level course

Sample Courses:

These are some of the classes for students in this academic program:

Food & Beverage Operations
Meeting & Convention Management
Hospitality Tourism & Marketing Sales
Major Credits
Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Meeting and Convention Management, Hospitality Tourism Operations, Food and Beverage Operations
Core Credits
Communication Skills, Economics, Humanities, History, Sciences, etc.
Elective Credits

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