Scholarship Gifts

For a student, even the smallest amount of financial support can make a huge difference. Scholarships make higher education more accessible. They help students focus on their studies rather than on how they’re going to make ends meet. A scholarship lessens a student’s dependence on financial aid, and in turn, decreases the amount debt they’ll have to repay after graduation. Scholarships also benefit those who may not qualify for a need-based scholarship or a merit-based scholarship, therefore filling the gap and creating an opportunity. 

And possibly most important of all, scholarships teach students about the importance of giving back and helping others. 

In other words, scholarships change lives.

To make a gift, please click on one of the scholarships below. 


School of Business 

Accounting & Taxation Legacy
Endowed Scholarship

Broumand & Fausti Family Scholarship

Deloitte Academic Enhancement Fund

Edward & Agnes Nicholson Scholarship

Louis B. Swartz, J.D. & RMU Pre-Law Society Law School Scholarship

Marco Giovengo Memorial Fund

Endowed Scholarship

Professor John H. Rudd, Jr. Endowed
Scholarship for Hospitality & Tourism

The Martin D. Gillis Scholarship Fund

Robert W. & Dana L. McCutcheon
Endowed Scholarship

Schneider Downs & Co., Inc.
Endowed Scholarship

School of Business Dean's
Endowed Scholarship

Shaun Pamfilie Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Bill Sutton Outstanding Sport
Management Endowed Scholarship

Sport Management Endowed Scholarship for Sports Management Student Activities

Synowka Endowed Scholarship
for Sport Management

School of Communication and Information Systems

DISC Program and Fred Kohun Educational Excellence Endowment Scholarship

Doctor of Science in Information Systems 
& Communication Endowed Scholarship

John Stanton Carson Endowed
Academic Scholarship

The Martin D. Gillis Scholarship Fund

Robert J. Skovira Foundation for the
Advancement of Agile Ethnography

Sidney & Dr. Ellen B. Zonn Endowed Scholarship for Communication Students

School of Education and Social Sciences

Donald R. Inman Endowed Scholarship
for Historical Studies

John Bassett Scholarship

John & Luz Graham Endowed Scholarship

Jon & Shandy Shank Scholarship

George W. Semich IML Ph.D.
Endowed Scholarship

Gregory & Janet Spencer Scholarship

School of Engineering, Math, and Science

Len and Marilyn Asimow Endowed Scholarship for
Outstanding Achievement in Actuarial Science

Alpha Chi Rho/Norbert K. Pietrzak
Endowed Scholarship

The Martin D. Gillis Scholarship Fund

SEMS Board of Visitors
and Alumni Scholarship

School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Carrol George & Barbara Davidson 
Nursing Endowed Scholarship

Lynda Davidson Scholarship
Nursing Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Judith A. Kaufmann Endowed
Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarship


20-Year Club of RMU Endowed Scholarship

Amanda Marie Werkmeister
Memorial Scholarship Fund

Brianne Morgan Memorial
Endowed Scholarship for Softball

Bryan Garvin Memorial Golf Scholarship

Craig Coleman Scholarship

Craig Paullet Making a Difference
Scholarship Fund

David E. Dick Endowed Golf Scholarship

Dr. Rex. L Crawley Memorial
Endowed Scholarship

H. James Vincent Global Engagement
Endowed Scholarship

Hospitality and Tourism Fund

Jeremy Wise Football Scholarship

Joe Walton Endowed Scholarship

PGT Trucking Inc. Endowed
Scholarship for Student-Athletes

R. Eric Fonte Memorial
Endowed Scholarship

RMU Alumni Association
Endowed Scholarship

Susan Hofacre Endowed Scholarship

Tim Hall Memorial Scholarship

Welling Fruehauf Scholarship

Women of RMU Scholarship

Women's Leadership and Mentoring
Program Scholarship