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Global Engagement

In order to issue the F-2 Dependent I-20, you need to complete this form: Dependent I-20 Request Form.
In addition, you need to email the following documents to newI20@rmu.edu. Please put "F2 Request" in the subject line.
1. CLEAR copies of Passports for each dependent 
2. Copy of your Marriage Certificate (translated into English) for a spouse
3. Copy of Birth Certificates (translated into English) for any children
4. RMU Financial Guarantee along with Financial Proof showing at least $5000 for each dependent, in addition to the costs associated with attending RMU
If you are SACM sponsored, you do not need to do #4.  Instead, send a copy of your most recent financial guarantee.
If you are not SACM sponsored, we need a completed RMU Financial Guarantee and financial proof (e.g. bank statements). The RMU Financial Guarantee and Bank Statements can be completed by anyone willing to sponsor the dependent(s) (e.g. family members).
We cannot issue the I-20(s) until we have these documents and you have completed the form. Once we have a complete application, the standard processing time is 2 weeks.