Using the Pharos Print Release Station

All of our printers on campus are accompanied by a Pharos release station. The release station allows you to print and then release the print job when you have gotten to the printer. Below are a set of instructions on how to use the designated release stations. How To Use The Pharos Release Station 

  1. Print to an RMU printer. Go to "File" --> "Print" and select the printer name that applies to your location (e.g., Library: MoonLibrary).
  2. Find the Pharos printing station for the selected printer, typically at the front of a classroom or near the printer. A Pharos station consists of a PC and a printer. 


  3. Log into the Pharos station with your username (ex. abcst99) and password. 


  4. When you log in you will see the document pending to be printed on your account. Select the document(s) individually and then click print on the bottom right-hand corner. The document will print at the printer you selected. Your account balance will be in the lower left-hand corner. Pick up your document(s) at the printer.