MeetMe Conferencing

MeetMe Conferencing is a free on-demand audio conferencing service provided to RMU employees that enables them to improve collaboration by quickly and easily setting up conference calls.

Once an RMU employee has been assigned a MeetMe Conferencing room and applicable information, he/she can host a conference call anytime, anywhere. No reservations are necessary! It's as simple as dialing a local or toll-free number and entering a passcode.

The MeetMe conference system allows each participant to dial in and connect to a secured audio meeting, using any touch tone telephone.

An RMU employee can register for his/her own conference room at

MeetMe Conferencing Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum amount of time allowed for a conference call? 
A: Unlimited 

Q: What is the cost to my department for this service? 
A: There is no cost to signup or use the MeetMe Conferencing service. The University is billed for users who access MeetMe conferences via the Toll-Free 800 number. Encourage local attendees to dial 412-397-6338 (412-397-MEET) and use the 4-digit extension x6338 (xMEET) when using MeetMe on campus. 

Q: Can the conference call start/end without the host/administrator? 
A: Yes, guests can speak to each other in absence of the host. As an option, the administrator could prohibit guests from speaking to each other until the host arrives. 

Q: Can participants join the call late? leave the call early? rejoin the call? 
A: Yes, Yes, Yes. 

Q: Can you lock the call so that no other participants can join? If it's locked and someone calls in late, what happens? 
A: The host can lock/unlock a conference at anytime by pressing *2. Guests trying to join a locked conference are told "That Conference is Locked". 

Q: Can calls be recorded, downloaded, transcribed, played back, etc.? 
A: Recorded conferences are available upon request, the sound file could then be placed online for download or on CD-ROM for archiving. Transcription services are not available at this time. 

Q: Is there support available? 
A: Technical support for the MeetMe Conferencing system is available by calling the IT Help Desk. 

Q: What if you need more than 15 people on a call? What service should they use? 
A: 15 guests is the recommended maximum. Contact the IT Help Desk if you need to host a conference call with more than 15 guests.