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A wide selection of university photos, including photos of presidential events, alumni events, student life activities, and campus photos are available for free to download on the university's Flickr page. Members of the news media or other outside organizations should credit Robert Morris University anytime they post or publish a photo from the RMU Flickr Page and contact Jonathan Potts at before publishing any RMU photos.

There are a few options for those in need of a photographer at an event. If the event is on campus between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, a photographer from the PR/Marketing Dept. may be able to take the photos. If no one is availble, students from the RMU Sentry Media, Patriot Yearbook, or Media Arts Department may be able to assist you. If your event is not during normal business hours, the PR/Marketing Departmemt has preferred professional photographers that can be hired upon request. For all photo inquiries, please contact Alan Buehler at

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No photos taken from the RMU Flickr page may be sold, nor can anyone place a photo on merchandise that is intended to be sold. Only photos from the official RMU Flickr page may be used for free. If you are attempting to use any photos taken from other RMU departmental Flickr pages you must first contact the admin of the page.

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Jonathan Potts

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Tamaira L. Binion

Public Relations & Marketing
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