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The Master of Science (M.S.) in Instructional Leadership online degree program at Robert Morris University builds on what students have mastered on the job, as well as in teacher education programs. The program will extend your abilities in a wide variety of areas to help you advance professionally.

The 30-credit degree program is designed for elementary or secondary school teachers, those in corporate training and development, or those in scholastic athletics and recreation management.

Classes are taught by faculty members who are experts in education and related disciplines, and by practicing professionals who are leaders in the field. The program is 30 credits and can be completed in as little as a year.  The degree can also be combined with the Teaching Online Certificate program.

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The Online M.S. in Instructional Leadership is designed for educators interested in setting goals, allocating resources to instruction, managing curricula, monitoring lesson plans and evaluating programs.

Instructional Leadership Core - 12 credits required
Educ6060 Curr Design/Assessment
Educ6065 Educational Statistics
Educ6130 Educational Research Seminar
(Select One Of The Following)
Educ6090 Instructional Leadership/Decis Mak
Educ6120 Instructional Leadership/Mgmt
Educ6125 Instructional Ldrship/Org Lrng

Education Theory and Practice - 15 credits required
(Select Five Of The Following)
SPED6080 Special Learning Needs
SPED6085 Principles Of Inclusion
EDUC6000 Critical Issues Affect Amer Ed
EDUC6010 Theory Learn/Classroom Mgmt
EDUC6040 Managing The Learning Environ
EDUC6210 Web Development For Educators
EDUC6400 Reading Across Curr and Ell
EDUC6610 Foundations Of Online Tchg/Lrn

Computers and Technology - 3 credits required
(Select One Of The Following)
Educ6610 Foundations of Online Tchg/Ln
Educ6110 Integrting Instructional Techn
Educ6210 Web Development For Educators

The degree can be combined with the Teaching Online Certificate program, which provides a valuable credential indicating that teachers have the skills to teach students effectively in a distance education environment.

The School of Education and Social Sciences faculty is comprised of caring individuals who accept the responsibility for educating the "whole" student at RMU. Consequently, our faculty members are specialists in their areas of expertise who effectively implement sound instructional practices when teaching and just as importantly, they engage students in a variety of purposeful enrichment activities outside the classroom setting. As all faculty possess related work experience as practitioners in the field, such as principals, superintendents, teachers, researchers, authors, psychologists, counselors, etc., students learn from them first-hand what it takes to succeed.

RMU graduate tuition rates are competitively set within the western Pennsylvania region. Also, many of our students find that their employers are willing to help pay for all or a portion of the cost of attendance, so we have procedures for third-party and delayed billing to meet the requirements of your human resources department. In addition, graduate students are eligible for student loans, and a there are a few graduate assistant positions available each year.
Ultimately, your graduate degree is an investment in your lifetime earnings and career path. The national data is clear: Those who own master's and doctoral degrees, on average, earn significantly more than those with a baccalaureate or less. And, those with advanced degrees report higher job satisfaction and upward mobility within their chosen professions.




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