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RMU_INITIALS_1921ClubThe 1921 Club is the official fundraising organization of Robert Morris University Athletics. The generous gifts received from club members allow us to provide scholarship opportunities to deserving student-athletes and athletic programs, helping to guide RMU's teams to new levels of athletic and academic excellence. These gifts change our students' lives.

When you show your support by joining The 1921 Club, you help us provide the things our athletes need to succeed, like new equipment and uniforms, better facilities, training programs, and more.

Join The 1921 Club today through a safe, secure online gift right to the Athletics General Fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the 1921 Club?
A: The 1921 Club is the official fundraising organization for RMU Athletics

Q: What are the benefits of membership in the 1921 Club?
A: Benefits of membership include access to premium hospitality areas at athletic events, opportunities to sit in premium seating, special invitations to athletic and university events as well as direct access to coaches, teams and experiences – all while directly supporting student-athletes in their educational and athletic pursuits. Currently, joining the 1921 Club also counts toward President's Council membership.

Q: When making a gift to the 1921 Club, can funds be directed to a particular athletic program?
A: Yes, your donation can be allocated to a specific athletic program, distributed between athletic programs or given to the Athletic General Fund to assist areas of greatest need.

Q: How long does my membership last once I make a donation?
A: The 1921 Club is part of the Athletics annual giving fund, thus a gift is required annually to maintain membership.

Q: Can I bring guests with me to athletic events and access the 1921 Club hospitality areas?
A: Yes. Members may be accompanied by guests at athletic events.

Q: Does my 1921 Club gift include ticket prices?
A: No. Tickets are sold separately and are an additional purchase through the ticket office.

Q: If I choose not to make a gift, can I still access 1921 Club hospitality areas and events?
A: If one chooses not to make a donation, one will not be permitted to access these areas and events. These membership fees/gifts are used to help with the university's need to fund our athletic scholarships, as well as an overwhelming demand for premium basketball, hockey and football seats. In addition, these areas and events enables us the opportunity to help reward the most generous donors to RMU Athletics.

Q: What are the tax implications of 1921 Club Membership?
A: The Internal Revenue Code states that if seating priority for an athletic event held at RMU is accepted as a direct result of a gift, the donor's gift shall be deductible at 80% of the amount contributed. Please consult your tax advisor.

Q: Will the annual required donation rate change in the future?
A: This policy is reviewed periodically and we will make adjustments as necessary.