Early Success Program (ESP)

About the Early Success Program 

The goal of the Early Success Program (ESP) is to prepare incoming students for college-level coursework and help them transition smoothly from high school to college. Enrollment in this program allows students to move-in early and participate in our Pre-Orientation Summer Experience. This is a one-week, on-campus experience that includes faculty and staff-led workshops, inspirational talks, nightly study hall sessions, and daily team building activities. Prior to move-in, students will be enrolled in an online program that focuses on campus resources, study skills, and math, reading, and writing assignments. The program continues through the academic year with academic and personal advising, success workshops, and social and cultural events. 

2019 Pre-Orientation Summer Experience Dates

  • August 8-15: Online
  • August 16-23: On-Campus


This is a free program available to all incoming first-year students.

Register Now

After registering, we will send you a detailed program schedule for the 2019 Early Success Program and instructions for logging into the online modules.  Click here to register online.

Who Can Participate?

All incoming first-year students are encouraged to participate in this unique program. Participants agree to be present during the one-week, on-campus Pre-Orientation Summer Experience. No prior commitments to another RMU program that requires early move in is preferred.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Early move-in
  • Priority registration*
  • Faculty-led workshops
  • Peer mentorship
  • Academic and personal advising
  • Social and cultural events 

* RMU students register in order of credit accumulation. First-year students are typically the last to register for courses. Priority Registration status allows ESP students to register early for the spring semester. 


After completing last year’s ESP Pre-Orientation Summer Experience:

  • 93% of ESP students felt more prepared for the first year of college
  • 2 out of 3 ESP students placed into advanced Communications Skills courses
  • 1 out of 3 ESP students placed into advanced Mathematics courses


The Early Success Program was my chance to build a foundation to take off, but it was my choice. This program will provide you with all the tools, guidance and help you need, but you have to take it. I learned skills that were vital to my undergraduate success academically and gained an independent work ethic on a professional scale. The Early Success Program allowed me to learn how I absorb information at my own pace with extra guidance and support that helped with my college transition.” 
Merritt Donoghue, ‘17
Early Success Program 2013-14

The Early Success Program gave me the tools, resources, and confidence that I needed to tell myself, ‘college is for me.’ It made the transition from high school to college smooth and allowed me to make an impact on other incoming students as a mentor.” 
Joseph Johnson, Sport Management
Early Success Program 2016-17

2019 Early Success Program Outline

Pre-Orientation Summer Experience:

August 8-15: Online

  • Introduction to campus resources
  • Math, reading, and writing assignments
  • Online discussion sessions

August 16-23: On-Campus

  • College-level math, reading, and writing workshops
  • Study skills and college readiness workshops
  • Inspirational pep talks
  • Team-building activities
  • Community service project 
  • Social and cultural events

Full Academic Year

  • Peer mentorship
  • Professional academic and personal advising
  • Weekly study hall sessions
  • Staff-led college-success workshops
  • Social events and activities

For More Information

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