The RMU Advantage Scholarship

Save up to $40,000 when you choose RMU*

At RMU, we believe that students should choose the university that is the best fit for them, and cost should not get in the way.  That’s why we’re always working to make choosing RMU as affordable as possible and creating innovative scholarship programs like Public Price Match Plus that makes RMU cost less than schools like Pitt, Penn State, Kent State, and WVU.  

With the RMU Advantage Scholarship, we’re giving students and families another compelling reason to choose RMU: students who enroll at RMU can save nearly $40,000 by the time they graduate when compared to the cost of attendance of Duquesne University.

Qualifying for the RMU Advantage Scholarship is easy.  Apply to RMU, get accepted, show us your acceptance letter to Duquesne, and you’ll receive a $1,000 textbook credit on top of any other financial aid for which you qualify. Combine that savings with our already substantially lower cost of attendance, and you’ll save nearly $40,000 by the time you graduate.  That’s enough to buy a new car, make a down payment on a house, or help pay for a younger sibling to go to college too.

What could you do with nearly $40,000? It is...

$10,000 more than the average down payment on a new home

$3,000 more than the average price of a new car

$5,000 more than a one-night stay at the International Space Station

Roughly the cost of over 600 pairs of new shoes

Average Annual Cost of Attendance:

  • Duquesne: $59,104
  • RMU: $49,364

RMU has the professionally focused degree programs and personal attention that are the gateway to great careers and great lives.

Gallup studies show RMU students are more likely than typical college graduates to say college prepared them for life after graduation, are more likely to have a job offer waiting when they graduate, earn more, and are more engaged in their careers and thriving in their personal well-being. And with RMU’s Student Engagement Transcript, graduates have a record to show future employers of their leadership and other experiences outside the classroom.

  • 92% placement in a job or graduate school within a year of graduation
  • 67% of graduates had an internship in their field
  • 77% of graduates work in a professional or managerial position
  • 84% of graduates are employed in their field

* Final financial aid award packages and final savings vary based on individual need and circumstances. Please review your financial aid award letter to assist in choosing the right school for your specific situation.