General Education Electives

AC460 Govt Non-Profit Accounting
ACCT3480 Accounting Cooperative Educ
ACCT3481 Acct Honors Co-Op Education
ACCT3490 Acct Honors Co-Op Education
ACCT4480 Accounting Co-Op Education
ACCT4490 Acct Honors Co-Op Education
ACCT4498 Acct Honors Co-Op Education
ACCT4903 Internship/Co-Op
ACCT4906 Internship/Co-Op
ACCT4909 Internship/Co-Op
ACCT4912 Internship/Co-Op
ACCT4913 Internship/Co-Op
ACCT4916 Internship/Co-Op
AHNP1000 Intro To Nonprofit Sector I
AHNP1100 Intro To Nonprofit Sector II
ANTH1010 Introduction To Anthropology
ANTH1020 Cultural Anthropology
ARBC1010 Elem Mod Standrd/Colloq Arabic
ARTM1010 Foundation Studio I
ARTM1011 Foundation Studio II
ARTM1012 Design Fundamentals
ARTM1020 2D Design Principles
ARTM1021 3D Design Principles
ARTM1022 Color Theory
ARTM1023 Intro To Printmaking
ARTM1030 Survey Of Art History I
ARTM1830 Hist Of Visual Communications
ARTM1840 History Of Tv and Video
ARTM1850 History Of Documentary Film
ARTM1860 Writing & Produc Documentary
ARTM1870 History Of Photography
ARTM2005 Introduction To Photography
ARTM2010 Idea Develpmt & Storyboarding
ARTM2020 Digital Imaging
ARTM2030 Survey Of Art History II
ARTM2050 Writing For The Media
ARTM2110 Intro To Graphic Design
ARTM2115 Introduction To Typography
ARTM2120 Vector Graphics
ARTM2210 Intro To Web Design
ARTM2220 Designing For New Media
ARTM2410 Intro To Tv/Video Production
ARTM2411 Introduction To Editing
ARTM2425 Audio/Radio Production
ARTM2430 Video Field Production
ARTM2431 Introduction To Lighting
ARTM2435 Broadcast Journalism
ARTM2451 Directing For Camera
ARTM2452 Television Writing
ARTM2455 Screenwriting
ARTM2510 Intro To Product Design
ARTM3065 Film & Society In Chile
ARTM3066 Finnish Experience
ARTM3110 Design Studio I
ARTM3120 Design Studio II
ARTM3130 Production For The Designer
ARTM3140 Corporate Identity Design
ARTM3150 Advertising Design
ARTM3210 Html Toolbox
ARTM3220 Coding and Scripting
ARTM3300 Digital Photography
ARTM3306 Sp Tpc: Med Arts For Hist Pres
ARTM3307 3D Computer Modeling Workshop
ARTM3310 Advanced Digital Photography
ARTM3320 Portrait Photography
ARTM3330 Documentary Photography
ARTM3340 Photojournalism
ARTM3350 Commercial Photography I
ARTM3410 Film/Video Seminar
ARTM3415 Sound Design
ARTM3420 Tv/Video Post Production
ARTM3421 Introduction To Dvd Software
ARTM3425 Color and Lighting Aesthetics
ARTM3430 Motion Graphics
ARTM3530 Documentary Production I
ARTM3870 Film History
ARTM3880 Film/Video Aesthetics
ARTM4010 Senior Studio
ARTM4090 Portfolio
ARTM4110 Advanced Typography
ARTM4210 Interactive Web Animation
ARTM4350 Commercial Photography II
ARTM4480 Advanced Tv/Video Workshop I
ARTM4485 Adv Studio Production
ARTM4490 Advanced Video Workshop II
ARTM4903 Internship/Co-Op
ARTM4906 Internship/Co-Op
ARTM4913 Internship/Co-Op
ARTM4952 Independent Study
ASCI2010 Fundamentals Of Actuarial Sci
ASCI3000 Actuarial Seminar I
ASCI3100 Theory Of Interest
ASCI3150 Financial Mathematics
ASCI4000 Actuarial Seminar II
ASCI4100 Life Contingencies I
ASCI4110 Life Contingencies II
ASCI4200 Statistical Modeling I
ASCI4210 Statistical Modeling II
ASCI4215 Actuarial Topics In Pensions
ASCI4220 Statistical Modeling III
ASCI4225 Act Topc: Hlth, Prop/Cas Insur
ASCI4300 Adv Topics In Actuarial Sci
ASCI4913 Internship/Co-Op
ASCI4923 Internship/Co-Op
BIOL1030 Wrld Of Plants-Struct/Function
BIOL1040 Prin & Issues Human Heredity
BIOL1050 Conc & Controversies Nutrition
BIOL1060 Physical Fitness:Measmnt/Apprs
BIOL1210 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL1215 Anatomy & Physiology Lab I
BIOL1220 Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL1225 Anatomy & Physiology Lab II
BIOL1250 Fund Of Human Biology/Health
BIOL1310 Principles Of Biology
BIOL1315 Principles Of Biology Lab
BIOL1320 Biology Of Living Organisms
BIOL2310 Principles Of Biology II
BIOL2315 Principles Of Biology II Lab
BIOL2370 Microbiology
BIOL2380 Microbiology Laboratory
BIOL2420 Organismal Biology
BIOL2470 Botany
BIOL2480 Botany Laboratory
BIOL2570 Zoology
BIOL2580 Zoology Laboratory
BIOL2670 Comparative Vertebrae Anatomy
BIOL2680 Compar Vertebrate Anatomy Lab
BIOL2770 Comparative Vertebrae Physiol
BIOL2780 Comparative Vertebrae Phys Lab
BIOL3210 Histology
BIOL3215 Histology Laboratory
BIOL3310 Animal Behavior
BIOL3370 Cell and Molecular Biology
BIOL3375 Cell/Molecular Biology Lab
BIOL3470 Human Genetics
BIOL3475 Human Genetics Laboratory
BIOL3640 Computational Biology
BIOL3670 Clinical Microbiology
BIOL3680 Clinical Microbiology Lab
BIOL3770 Plant Physiology
BIOL3780 Plant Physiology Lab
BIOL4000 Neuroscience
BIOL4200 Animal Behavior
BIOL4250 Animal Behavior Laboratory
BIOL4270 Immunology
BIOL4275 Immunology Laboratory
BIOL4470 Embryology
BIOL4475 Embryology Laboratory
BIOL4600 Medical Semnr/Mcat Prep Part A
BIOL4650 Medical Semnr/Mcat Prep Part B
BIOL4700 Senior Thesis
BIOL4903 Biology Internship/Coop
BLAW4903 Internship/Co-Op
BMGT4355 Organiz Behavior/Leadership
CHEM1210 Chemistry I
CHEM1215 Chemistry I Lab
CHEM1220 Bio-Organic Chemistry
CHEM1225 Bio-Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM2100 Intro To Forensic Science
CHEM2150 Intro To Forensic Science Lab
CHEM2210 Chemistry II
CHEM2215 Chemistry II Lab
CHEM2320 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2325 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM2420 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM2425 Organic Chemistry II Lab
CHEM3220 Biochemistry
CHEM3225 Biochemistry Laboratory
CHEM3500 Environmental Chemistry
CHEM3550 Environmental Chemistry Lab
CHEM4500 Instrumental Analysis
CHIN1010 Elementary Modern Chinese
CI455 Management Information Systems
CIS206 Business Software Applications
CIS425 Systems Analysis/Design
CIS445 Database Management
COM207 Programming In C++
COM208 Programming In Visual Basic
COM212 Public Speaking
COM215 Communicating In Cyberspace
COM382 Communication Theory
COM408 Conflict Management
COM410 Strategic Leadership
COM418 Organizational Communications
COM441 Team Leadership
COMM1030 Intro To Communication
COMM1050 Survey Of Mass Communication
COMM1080 Rock and Rhetoric
COMM2000 Foundations In Publ Relations
COMM2010 Communication and Sport
COMM2020 Interpers Small Group Commun
COMM2030 Communication Theory
COMM2040 Impact Of Hip Hop In Amer Soc
COMM2500 Instructional Media Design
COMM2510 Communications/English Studies
COMM2550 Interpersonal Communication
COMM2600 Intro To Human Communications
COMM2800 Strategic Writing
COMM3020 Organizational Communication
COMM3030 Professional Writing
COMM3050 Adver/Communicatns Strategies
COMM3065 Comm & Society In The Gambia
COMM3110 Strat In Adv/Pr and Promotions
COMM3160 Communication and Gender
COMM3220 Devl, Coord & Executing Events
COMM3300 Special Topic/Comm:Oral Interp
COMM3301 Special Topic/Writing Adv/Pr
COMM3302 Special Topics: Political Comm
COMM3303 Special Tpcs/Intro To Pub Rela
COMM3304 Special Tpcs/Comm: Visual Comm
COMM3305 Special Tpcs/Adv Tv Workshop
COMM3520 Document Design
COMM4010 Public Relations Campaigns
COMM4020 Mgmt Technol/Content Creatn Pr
COMM4030 Public Relations Prac Glob Soc
COMM4060 Communication Seminar
COMM4800 Media Management
COMM4913 Internship/Co-Op
COMM4916 Internship/Co-Op
COSK1220 Reading & Writing Strategies
COSK1221 Argument and Research
COSK1225 Honors Argument and Research
COSK2220 Public Speaking and Persuasion
COSK2221 Intercultural Communications
COSK2225 Honors Public Speaking/Persuas
COSK2230 Busn Professionl Communication
COSK2235 Honors Intercultural Communic
COSK2245 Honors Busn Professnl Commun
COSO1220 College Reading/Writing Strat
COSO1221 Argument & Research Strategies
COSO2220 Speaking Strategies
COSO2221 Intercultural Commun Strat
COSO2230 Professional Commun Strateg
CRIM2000 Introduction To Criminology
CRM220 Survey Of The Crim Justice Sys
EC320 Principles Of Microeconomics
EC330 Principles Of Economics
ECED2100 Intro To Early Childhood Educ
ECED2110 Early Childhood Curric/Instruc
ECED2120 Early Literacy/Language Devl
ECED2130 Numeracy
ECED2140 Reading Difficulties/Diagnosis
ECED2500 Creative Classroom
ECED2510 Hlth/Wellness/Physical Devel
ECED3050 Plang/Assessmt Early Childhood
ECED3060 Advoc, Ldshp/Collab Fam/Comm
ECED4000 Tech Lit/Soc Studies Mthds Ec
ECED4010 Math/Sci Mthds Early Childhood
ECED4030 Readng/Lang Arts Mthds Echd
ECED4060 Field Experience
ECED4200 Supervised Teaching
ECED4210 Prof Topics Sem: Spec Educ/Ell
ECO202 Principles Of Microeconomics
ECON1010 Survey Of Economics
ECON1020 Principles Of Macroeconomics
ECON1030 Principles Of Microeconomics
ECON4903 Internship/Co-Op
ECON4906 Internship/Co-Op
ECON4909 Internship/Co-Op
ECON4912 Internship/Co-Op
EDFD445 Math For Educators
EDUC0305 Field Experiences 3050
EDUC0306 Field Experiences 3060
EDUC0410 Field Experiences 4110
EDUC0420 Field Experiences 4120
EDUC0430 Field Experiences 4130
EDUC0450 Field Experiences 4150
EDUC2000 Schools and Society
EDUC2100 Educ Psyc/Classroom Mgmt
EDUC3025 Instruc Design/Assessment
EDUC3050 Tchng Students With Spec Needs
EDUC3060 Tch In Inclusive Sec Classroom
EDUC3120 Technology For Sec Educators
EDUC3160 Svc Lrn: Girl Scout Mentor Pgm
EDUC3220 Reading Content/Engl Lang Lrns
EDUC4010 Methods/Teachng Social Studies
EDUC4011 Methods/Teachng Social Studies
EDUC4012 Methods/Teachng Social Studies
EDUC4020 Methods Of Teaching English
EDUC4021 Methods Of Teaching English
EDUC4022 Methods Of Teaching English
EDUC4030 Methods Teaching Mathematics
EDUC4031 Methods Teaching Mathematics
EDUC4032 Methods Teaching Mathematics
EDUC4040 Meth/Tchg Commu
EDUC4041 Meth/Tchg Commu
EDUC4042 Meth/Tchg Commu
EDUC4050 Meth/Tchg Acct
EDUC4051 Meth/Tchg Acct
EDUC4052 Meth/Tchg Acct
EDUC4100 Cont Spef Pedag:Soc Studies Ed
EDUC4110 Cont Spec Pedagogy:Eng/Comm Ed
EDUC4120 Cont Spec Pedagogy:Bus/Comp
EDUC4130 Cont Spec Pedagogy: Math
EDUC4140 Cont Spec Pedag: Biology/Envir
EDUC4150 Cont Spef Pedag:Soc Studies Ed
EDUC4200 Student Teaching Seminar
EDUC4300 The Teaching Profession Seminr
EDUC4500 Student Teaching Internship
EDUC4510 Student Teach Intern: Comm/Eng
EDUC4520 Student Teach Intern: Bus/Comp
EDUC4530 Student Teach Intern: Math
EDUC4540 Student Teach Intern: Biology
EDUC4550 Student Teach Intern: Soc Stud
EDUC4822 Supervised Teaching
EDUC4823 Supervised Teaching
EDUC4826 Supervised Teaching
ELED1000 Tech Literacy For Education
ELED2000 Integrating Instructional Tech
ELED3010 Special Needs In Elem Classrm
ELED3020 Differented Instruc Inclus Clm
ELED3050 Educational Assessment
ELED3350 Reading/Ell
ELED4010 Reading Methods
ELED4020 Language Arts Methods
ELED4030 Social Studies Methods
ELED4040 Mathematics Methods
ELED4050 Methods In Elem Science
ELED4060 Field Experience I For Elem Ed
ELED4061 Field Experience II - Elem Ed
ELED4200 Supervised Teaching
ELED4210 Prof Topics Sem: Spec Educ/Ell
ELIT1040 Readng Literatur:Coming Of Age
ELIT1050 Readng Lit:Classics/Cntr Trad
ELIT1060 Reading Literature: Myths
ELIT1070 Childrens Literature
ELIT2000 The Study Of Literature
ELIT2010 The Study Of The Essay
ELIT2030 African Amer Lit & Experience
ELIT2040 Literature and Medicine
ELIT2050 Classic, Myth, & World Lit
ELIT2055 World Literature
ELIT2065 Honors World Literature
ELIT2080 Women and Literature
ELIT3020 Sem In Lit: Poetry
ELIT3040 Sem In Lit: Fitzgerld/Hemingwy
ELIT3050 Sem In Lit: Yeats/Joyce
ELIT3060 Sem In Lit: Styles Mod Theater
ELIT3070 Sem In Lit: 19th Century Novel
ELIT3080 American Lit Before 1865
ELIT3090 American Lit From 1865-Present
ELIT3120 British Literature To 1789
ELIT3130 British Literature 1789-Presen
ELIT3520 Dramatic Art Of Shakespeare
ELIT4800 Seminar In English Studies
EN200 Essentials Of Effective Wrtg
ENG350 The English Language
ENGL0100 Writing Skills Development
ENGL0300 Reading Skills Development
ENGL2540 Study Of Language
ENGL3010 Modern Engl Grammar & Editing
ENGL3020 Creative Writing
ENGL3025 Technical Writing
ENGL3030 Teach Eng/Comm In Sec School
ENGL3040 Technical Editing
ENGL3110 History Of English Language
ENGL3500 Study Of Rhetoric
ENGL4000 The Teaching Of Writing
ENGL4903 Internship/Co-Op
ENGL4906 Internship/Co-Op
ENGL4909 Internship/Co-Op
ENGL4912 Internship/Co-Op
ENGL4913 Internship/Co-Op
ENGL4951 Independent Study
ENGL4952 Independent Study
ENGL4953 Independent Study
ENGO2540 Study Of Language
ENGO3010 Modern English Grammar/Editing
ENGO3020 Intro Writ Creat Prose:Fic/Non
ENGO3025 Technical Writing
ENGO3030 Intro To Writing Poetry/Drama
ENGO3040 Technical Editing
ENGO3110 History Of The English Lang
ENGO3500 Study Of Rhetoric
ENGO4000 Writing Practices and Theories
ENGO4140 Writing Poetry Seminar
ENGO4150 Writing Fiction Seminar
ENGO4160 Writing Drama Seminar
ENGO4170 Writing Non-Fiction Seminar
ENGO4800 Writing Seminar
ENGO4906 Internship/Co-Op Education
ENGR1010 Introduction To Engineering
ENGR1022 Energy Fund and Sustainability
ENGR1023 Alternative Energy Technol
ENGR1610 Statics & Strength Of Materls
ENGR2012 Renewable Resources
ENGR2080 Engineering Statistics
ENGR2090 Appl Engineering Statistics II
ENGR2100 Dynamics
ENGR2140 Circuits and Electromagnetics
ENGR2160 Engineering Graphics
ENGR2180 Engineering Materials
ENGR2500 Human Factors Engineering
ENGR2510 Biomedical Engineering Princ
ENGR3022 Energy Stor Convers & Tranpor
ENGR3080 Design Of Industrial Experimen
ENGR3110 Thermodynamics and Energetics
ENGR3200 Value Design
ENGR3210 Fundamentals Of Logistics Engr
ENGR3250 Automated Identification Sys
ENGR3300 Fluid Mechanics
ENGR3350 Heat Transfer
ENGR3400 Software Verif and Validation
ENGR3410 Fundamentals Of Software Eng
ENGR3420 Comp Archit For Software Eng
ENGR3500 Material Handling/Plant Layout
ENGR3510 Biomechanics
ENGR3600 Production Engineering
ENGR3610 Fundamentals Of Manufact Eng
ENGR3650 Product and Tool Design
ENGR3680 Intro To Quality Engineering
ENGR3700 Manufacturing Plng/Control
ENGR3800 Supply Chain Engineering
ENGR3900 Optimization Techn Industr Eng
ENGR4010 Anal & Desgn Mfg Systems
ENGR4015 Des & Analy Mfg Syst Lab
ENGR4022 Conven Energy: Fossil Fuels
ENGR4030 Project Engineering
ENGR4100 Machine Design
ENGR4112 Energy Research Seminar
ENGR4150 Desgn/Analysis Mechanical Sys
ENGR4170 Numerical Methods
ENGR4200 Safety and Methods Eng
ENGR4400 Device Control
ENGR4450 Distributed Sys Implementation
ENGR4510 Introduction To Biomaterials
ENGR4520 Des & Mfg Of Bme Devices & Sy
ENGR4600 Metrology and Quality
ENGR4650 Simulation
ENGR4700 Robotics and Automation
ENGR4801 Rapid Prototyp & Reverse Engr
ENGR4805 Rapid Prtotype/Rev Engr Lab
ENGR4952 Independent Study
ENVS1022 Energy Fund and Sustainability
ENVS1140 Weather and Climate
ENVS1160 Environmental Science
ENVS1170 Environmental Health
ENVS1180 Industry-Environment Ecology
ENVS2012 Renewable Resources
ENVS2440 Environmental Health & Safety
ENVS2500 Ecology Fundamentals
ENVS2540 Hazardous Chemicals Handl/Safe
ENVS2550 Ecology Fundamentals Lab
ENVS3000 Envir Chem For Engnrng & Lab
ENVS3022 Energy Stor Convers and Transp
ENVS4010 Field Mth Monitor Aquatic Syst
ENVS4020 Field Mth Monitor Atmosph Syst
ENVS4030 Field Mth Monitor Geologic Sys
ENVS4040 Field Mth Of Industrial Hygien
ENVS4050 Field Mth Monitor Biol Syst
ENVS4060 Surv Environmental Technol
ENVS4100 Advanced Ecology
ENVS4112 Energy Research Seminar
ENVS4450 Air/Water/Land Pol Cntrl & Mgt
ENVS4460 Env Health Of Toxic
ENVS4470 Environ Law, Ethics & Pub Pol
ENVS4480 Nat Resource Mgmt & Conserv
ENVS4700 Senior Thesis
ENVS4903 Internship/Coop Ed
ENVS4951 Independent Study
FINA4903 Internship/Co-Op
FINA4906 Internship/Co-Op
FINA4909 Internship/Co-Op
FINA4912 Internship/Co-Op
FINA4913 Internship/Co-Op
FINA4916 Internshiip/Co-Op
FINA4923 Internship/Co-Op
FNEC4903 Internship/Coop
FNEC4906 Internship/Coop
FNEC4909 Internship/Coop
FNEC4912 Internship/Coop
FORS4800 Forensics In Research and Prac
FREN1010 French Language and Culture
FREN1020 French Language and Culture
FREN3010 French Language and Culture
FREN3020 French Language and Culture
FYSP1000 First Year Studies Seminar
FYSP1002 First Year Studies: Study Skls
FYSP1005 Honors First Year Studies: Sem
FYSP1010 First Year Studies: Career Pln
GEO0221 Intro To Phys & Cultural Geog
GEO200 World Geography
GEOG1020 World Geography
GEOG1030 Physical Geography
GEOL1000 Intro To Physical Geology
GEOL1015 Intro To Phys Geology Lab
GEOL1090 Stars, Planets & The Cosmos
GEOL1095 Honors Stars, Planets & Cosmos
GEOL1100 Oceans, Waves & Tides
GEOL1130 Landforms Of The World
GEOL4000 Hydrogeology
GEOL4022 Conven Energy: Fossil Fuels
GRMN1010 German Language and Culture
GRMN1020 German Language and Culture
GRMN3010 German Language and Culture
GRMN3020 German Language and Culture
HFLE1010 Golf
HFLE1020 Physical Fitness
HFLE1030 First Aid & Cpr
HFLE1040 Ice Skating Fundamentals
HFLE1050 Eating For Life
HIS113 United States History I
HIST1100 United States History I
HIST1105 Honors United States History I
HIST1200 United States History II
HIST1500 Western Civilization To 1715
HIST1600 Western Civilization From 1715
HIST1700 World Civilization I
HIST1800 World Civilization Since 1500
HIST2002 Colonial America
HIST2200 Twentieth Century America
HIST2600 Twentieth Century Europe
HIST3100 American Revolution
HIST3105 Study Tour-Colonial/Revol Amer
HIST3120 Civil War
HIST3125 Study Tour-Civil War
HIST3280 Vietnam: U.S. Involvement
HIST3400 Pennsylvania History
HIST3420 Native American History
HIST3500 History Of Urban America
HIST3520 Immigration History
HIST3620 World War II
HIST3680 Soviet Russian Civilization
HIST3700 The Developing World
HIST3800 East Asian History
HIST3900 Historical Methods
HIST4120 Sel Top In Early Amer History
HIST4140 Sel Top In Modern Amer History
HIST4160 Sel Top In World History
HNRS3900 Honors Seminar
HNRS3903 Honors: Physics and Sport
HNRS3923 Math, Music and Art
HNRS3933 Honors: Topics In Sustainabil
HNRS3943 International Communications
HNRS4900 Honors: Research Methods
HNRS4910 Honors Thesis
HSAM1100 Intro To Health Care System
HSAM1200 Health Services Admin I
HSAM1300 Health Services Admin II
HSAM1400 Introduction To Managed Care
HSAM1500 Healthcare Financial Admin
HSAM1600 Fundamentals Of Health Policy
HSAM1700 Strategic Plan For Hlth Care
HSAM1800 Marketing For Hlth Serv Org
HSAM1900 Human Resource Admin In Hc
HSAM2000 Health Care Law and Ethics
HSAM2100 Basic Prin Of Health Economics
HSAM3100 Consumer Health Issues
HSAM3200 Acctg, Budgeting/Finan Acctab
HSAM3250 Research Hlth Care Profesnl
HSAM3400 Ethics Hlth Care Administrator
HSAM4850 Undergrad Thesis Hlth Care
HTMG4903 Internship/Co-Op
HTMG4906 Internship/Co-Op
HTMG4909 Internship/Co-Op
HTMG4912 Internship/Co-Op
HTMG4913 Internship/Co-Op
HTMG4916 Internship/Co-Op
HUMA1010 Humanities: Art and Music
HUMA1015 Honors Humanities: Art & Music
INFS1010 Principles Of Info/Computing
INFS1020 Intro Decision Support Systems
INFS1030 Intro Health Care Informatics
INFS1050 Fund Of Information Systems
INFS2110 Programming Logic
INFS2120 Visual Basic Programming
INFS2130 Cobol Programming
INFS2140 M Programming
INFS2150 Intro To Web Dev & E-Comm Tech
INFS2151 Java Programming
INFS2184 C++ Programming
INFS2410 Office Info Sys Applications
INFS2411 Office Info Sys Implemnt Strat
INFS2412 Desktop Publishing
INFS2413 Records Administration
INFS2430 Introduction To Multimedia
INFS2470 Decision Support Systems
INFS2480 Telecomm For Info Professional
INFS3115 Mobile App Development
INFS3120 Intro To Computer Forensics
INFS3121 Visual Basic Programming II
INFS3130 Advanced Cobol Programming
INFS3131 Enterp Transact Process Syst
INFS3141 Adv M & Cache´ Obj Script Prog
INFS3152 Adv Java: Application Program
INFS3153 Adv Java: Applet Programming
INFS3154 Java & Data Struct Program
INFS3160 Human Computer Interaction
INFS3170 Cyberlaw
INFS3180 Data Structures With Pascal
INFS3185 Advanced C++ Programming
INFS3188 Object-Oriented Applicatn Prog
INFS3190 Digital Evidence Analysis
INFS3210 Operating Systems Concepts
INFS3211 Microcomputing Technology (A+)
INFS3212 Enterprise Operating Systems
INFS3220 Systems Analysis and Design
INFS3221 Advanced Sys Analysis/Design
INFS3222 It Security, Control/Assurance
INFS3223 It Governance, Control/Assuran
INFS3230 Networks/Data/Computer Comm
INFS3231 Network Technology & Mgt (N+)
INFS3233 Admininstering MS System 7
INFS3234 Admin MS Windows MS 7 Server
INFS3235 Computer & Network Security
INFS3236 Linux System Administration
INFS3237 Mng The MS Windows Enviorn
INFS3410 Training/Development In Bus
INFS3420 Windows 2000 Prof/Server Combi
INFS3440 Health Care Information System
INFS3450 Quan Analy For Inf Sys Prof
INFS3478 Information Resources Mgmt
INFS3480 Info Systems Cooperative Educ
INFS3482 Expert Systems
INFS3486 Computer Simulation
INFS3510 Competitive Intelligence Syst
INFS3610 System Indicators/ Warnings
INFS3640 Managing Intelligence Systems
INFS3710 Knowledge Management
INFS3820 Systems Risk Mitigation
INFS3840 Systems Threat Def/Vul Analy
INFS4150 Adv Web Page Design/Ecomm
INFS4170 Glob, Econ, Soc, Eth Iss Comp
INFS4180 Netwk Forensics, Intr Det/Resp
INFS4220 Data Mining Applications
INFS4240 Database Management System
INFS4241 Open Source E-Comm Devl (Lamp)
INFS4242 Enterprise Database Systems
INFS4260 Data Warehousing
INFS4480 Info Systems Cooperative Educ
INFS4488 Info Systems Cooperative Educ
INFS4630 Intro To Geographic Info Syst
INFS4810 Project Management
INFS4830 Strategic Info Syst Planning
INFS4850 Web Devel & E-Commerce II
INFS4913 Internship/Co-Op
INFS4916 Internship/Co-Op
INFS4923 Internship/Co-Op
INFS6241 Advanced Database Mgmt Systems
INTL1000 Principles Of Macroeconomics
INTL1002 Intro Italian Lang & Culture
INTL1004 Intro To Political Science
INTL1005 Visual Cultural Studies
INTL1006 Economics Of Natural Resources
INTL1007 The Irish Literary Revival
INTL1010 Cont Comm: Mak Sense New Media
INTL1027 Exploration Adapt In Lit & Fil
INTL4900 Research Methods (Intl)
INTL4910 International Honors Thesis
JRNL2015 Info Gathering For Journalism
JRNL2020 Copy Editing
JRNL2035 News Writing I
JRNL2040 News Writing II
JRNL2060 Feature Writing
JRNL3020 Journalism Production
JRNL3021 Journalism Production Prac I
JRNL3022 Journalism Production Prac II
JRNL3030 News Writing II
JRNL3031 Broadcast News Writing
JRNL3050 Journalism Law and Ethics
JRNL3055 Writing For Magazines/E-Zines
JRNL3065 Sports Reporting
JRNL3100 History Of Journalism/Mass Com
JRNL3340 Investigative Journalism
JRNL4010 Mass Media Seminar
JRNL4951 Independent Study
JRNL4952 Independent Study
JRNL4953 Independent Study
LIT451 British Literature
LITO1040 Reading Lit: Coming Of Age
LITO1050 Readng Lit:Classics/Cntr Trad
LITO1060 Reading Literature: Myths
LITO1070 Children´s Literature
LITO2000 Study Of Literature
LITO2010 Study Of The Essay
LITO2020 Intro To Writing and Fiction
LITO2030 African American Literature
LITO2055 World Literature
LITO2080 Women and Literature
LITO3080 Amer Literature Before 1865
LITO3090 Amer Literature From 1865
LITO3120 British Literature To 1789
LITO3130 British Lit 1789 To Present
LITO3520 Dramatic Art Of Shakespeare
LTHC3900 Biology Of Aging
MARK4903 Internship/Co-Op
MARK4906 Internship/Co-Op
MARK4909 Internship/Co-Op
MARK4912 Internship/Co-Op
MARK4913 Internship/Co-Op
MARK4916 Internship/Co-Co
MAT050 Fundamentals Of Algebra
MAT131 College Mathematics
MAT141 Finite Mathematics
MAT151 College Algebra
MAT201 Statistics
MAT230 Discrete Mathematics
MATH1010 College Mathematics
MATH1020 Pre-Calculus
MATH1050 Math Reasoning/Applications
MATH2010 Fundamentals Of Mathematics
MATH2040 Finite Math & Applied Calculus
MATH2050 Applied Calculus I
MATH2070 Calculus W/Analytic Geom I
MATH2170 Calculus W/Analytic Geom II
MATH3030 Operations Research I
MATH3040 Operations Research II
MATH3060 Applied Calculus II
MATH3090 Calculus W/Analytic Geom III
MATH3200 Geometry
MATH3250 Practicum Tchng Math With Tech
MATH3400 Linear Algebra W/Applications
MATH3420 Differential Equations
MATH3440 Intro To Real Analysis
MATH4000 Discrete Math
MATH4050 Abstract Algebra/Number Theory
MATH4200 Modeling Systems Applications
MATH4250 Multivariable Systems Analysis
MATH4909 Internship/Co-Op
METE1000 Intro To Meteorology
METE1050 Intro To Meterology Lab
METE3000 Air Pollution
MGMT4903 Internship/Co-Op
MGMT4906 Internship/Co-Op
MGMT4909 Internship/Co-Op
MGMT4912 Internship/Co-Op
MGMT4916 Internship/Co-Op
MGMT4923 Internship/Co-Op
MILS0202 Appl Mil Sci/Ldshp, Part 2-Lab
MILS0302 Adv Ldshp/Tactcl Pl Part 2-Lab
MILS0402 Officership, Commd/Staff 2-Lab
MILS1001 Intro Mil Sci/Leadshp, Part 1
MILS1002 Intro Mil Sci/Leadshp, Part 2
MILS2001 Applic Mil Sci/Leadshp, Part 1
MILS2002 Applic Mil Sci/Leadshp, Part 2
MILS2003 Leader´s Training Course
MILS3001 App Ldshp/Tactical Pl Part 1
MILS3002 Adv Ldshp/Tactical Pl Part 2
MILS3003 Ldshp Dev/Assessment Course
MILS4001 Officership, Command & Staff 1
MILS4002 Officership, Command & Staff 2
MLED0403 Field Experiences 4030
MLED2000 Middle Level Education
MLED4000 Tech Literacy/Soc Std Mtds MSc
MLED4010 Math/Sci Mthds Middle School
MLED4020 Read Mthds/Lang Arts Mthds MSc
MLED4030 Reading/Language Arts Methods
MLED4060 Field Experience
MLED4200 Supervised Teaching
MT270 Intro To Statistics
MT360 Calculus I
NADM3500 Legal/Ethical Issues:Nurse Adm
NMED2001 Intro To The Hospital Environm
NMED2002 Evaluation and Instruction
NMED2003 Fundamentals Hlth Care Admin
NMED3003 Nucl Medicine Physics/Rad Phys
NMED3004 Instrumentation Technol/Techn
NMED3005 Radiopharmacy
NMED3006 Computer Applic Nuclear Medic
NMED3007 Radiation Safety Nucl Medicine
NMED3008 Radiopharmacy Techniques
NMED3009 Nuclear Medicine Technol/Tech
NMED3010 Instrumentation/Quality Cntr I
NMED3011 Radiation Biology
NMED4010 Positron Emission Tomography
NMED4013 Clinical Practice I
NMED4014 Instrumentation/Qual Cntrl II
NMED4015 Clinical Radiopharmacy
NMED4016 Clinical Practice II
NMED4017 Seminar I
NMED4018 Clinical Practice III
NMED4019 Clinical Practice IV
NMED4020 Nuclear Cardiology
NMED4021 Pet Clinical Practice/Research
NMED4022 Seminar II
NMED4023 Computerized Tomography Tech
NMED4024 Mri Technology
NMED4600 Advanced Imaging Technology
NURS0202 Nursing Assessment Lab
NURS0301 Foundations Lab
NURS0302 Mgt Of Adult Clinical
NURS2010 Intro To Professional Nursing
NURS2015 Pathophysiology
NURS2020 Nursing Assessmt/Health Promo
NURS2060 Nurs Care Of The Aging Adult
NURS3010 Foundations Of Nursing Practic
NURS3012 Health Care In China
NURS3015 Foundations Of Nursing Pract
NURS3020 Management Of Adult I
NURS3030 Pharmacology For Hlth Profess
NURS3040 Nursing Research
NURS3050 Nurs Care-Mothers/Newborns/Fam
NURS3055 Nursing Care-Children/Families
NURS3060 Nursing Ethics
NURS3070 Health Promotion & Assessment
NURS4010 Commun Hlth/Hlth Promo Thry
NURS4015 Comm Hlth/Hlth Prom Thry Prac
NURS4016 Health Care: Quality & Safety
NURS4020 Adv Management Of Adult II
NURS4025 Nursing Care-Psychiatric Clien
NURS4031 Transition To Profess Nursing
NURS4035 Nclex Licensure Prep Success
NURS4036 Genetics and Genomics
NURS4041 Prep For Professional Practice
NURS4050 Leadership For Adv Practice
NURS4901 Internship/Co-Op
ORGL2100 Global Perspectives
ORGL2200 Appld Organiz Ldrship Skills I
ORGL2300 Leadership and Ethics
ORGL2400 Assess Organiz Effectiveness
ORGL3200 Appld Organiz Ldrship Skls II
ORGL3300 Leadership, Power & Influence
ORGL3500 Leadng Virtual Teams & Organiz
ORGL3700 Leadership and Communication
ORGL3900 Organiz Viability/Sustainabil
ORGL4400 Comtemp Iss In Organiz/Ldrship
ORGL4850 Capstone: Organiztl Leadership
ORGL4903 Internship/Co-Co
PHIL1000 Survey Of World Religions
PHIL1020 Comparative Philosophy
PHIL1030 Logic
PHIL1381 Intro To Philosophy
PHIL2000 Introduction To Ethics
PHIL2009 Business Ethics
PHL210 Intro To Westrn Philosophy
PHYS1010 Physics For Allied Health
PHYS1015 Physics For Allied Health Lab
PHYS1023 Alternative Energy Technol
PHYS1060 Light, Color and Cameras
PHYS1210 General Physics I
PHYS1215 General Physics Lab
PHYS2210 General Physics II
PHYS2215 General Physics II Lab
PHYS2610 Environmental Physics
PHYS2615 Environmental Physics Lab
PL225 Logic and Reasoning
POL211 International Relations
POL223 American National Government
POLS1020 American National Government
POLS1025 Honors American National Govt
POLS1030 Compar/Contemp Political Syst
POLS1040 International Relations
POLS2020 Criminal Law and Evidence
POLS3020 The Constitution
POLS3030 The American Presidency
POLS3040 American Foreign Policy
POLS3050 Amer Pol Parties/Elections
POLS4040 Israel: History/Politics/Socie
POLS4050 Israel: Cultures and Contexts
PSY201 Educational Psychology
PSY224 Research Methods
PSY230 Psy Of Ind Diff/Special Needs
PSY338 Industrial/Organiz Psych
PSY412 Cognitive Psychology
PSY427 Personality Psychology
PSY433 Sensation/Perception
PSY483 Research Methods
PSYC1010 General Psychology
PSYC2370 Adolescent Development
PSYC2800 Applied Psychology
PSYC3100 Methods In Behavioral Research
PSYC3200 Physiological Psychology
PSYC3250 Sensation and Perception
PSYC3400 Psychology Of Learning
PSYC3450 Cognitive Psychology
PSYC3500 Child Psychology
PSYC3515 Child Development I
PSYC3525 Child Development II
PSYC3530 Adolescent Psychology/Devlopmt
PSYC3550 Human Growth and Development
PSYC3580 Personality Psychology
PSYC3600 Social Psychology
PSYC3630 Psych Of Paranormal Beliefs
PSYC3640 Crit Thinking/Cultural Beliefs
PSYC3650 Psychology Of Gender
PSYC3660 Psychology Of Human Sexuality
PSYC3700 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC3710 Advanced Abnormal Psychology
PSYC3740 Psychological Assessment
PSYC3750 Psychology Of Adjustment
PSYC3755 Clinical Psych: Sci, Prac, Eth
PSYC3760 Fundamentals Of Counseling
PSYC3780 Group Counseling
PSYC3810 Industrial Psychology
PSYC3840 Forensic Psychology
PSYC3870 Psychology Of Sport
PSYC3880 Exercise and Health Psychology
PSYC4811 Applied Psych Practicum
PSYC4812 Applied Psych Practicum
PSYC4813 Psychology Practicum
PSYC4823 Psychology Thesis
SCI225 Contemporary Health
SCIE1020 Fundamental Science Concepts
SEMS1100 Evolut/Develop Of Stem Discipl
SOCI1010 Principles Of Sociology
SOCI1020 Contemporary Amer Social Prob
SOCI1025 Honors Contem Amer Soc Probl
SOCI2330 Marriage and The Family
SOCI3210 Sociology Of Deviant Behavior
SOCI3230 Sociology Of Minority Groups
SOCI3240 Women In Society
SOCI3250 Sociology Of Sport
SOCI3270 Energy and Society
SOSC1050 Comparative Religion
SOSC1240 World Cultures
SOSC4800 Senior Thesis
SOSC4801 Social Science Practicum
SOSC4802 Social Science Practicum
SOSC4803 Social Science Practicum
SOSC4901 Social Science Externship
SOSC4902 Social Science Externship
SOSC4903 Social Science Externship
SOSC4912 Internship/Co-Op
SOSC4951 Independent Study
SOSC4952 Independent Study
SOSC4953 Independent Study
SOWK3010 Orientation To Social Work
SPAN1010 Spanish Language and Culture
SPAN1020 Spanish Language and Culture
SPAN3010 Spanish Language and Culture
SPAN3020 Spanish Language and Culture
SPAN4953 Independent Study
SPED0301 Field Experiences 3010
SPED0302 Field Experiences 3020
SPED3010 Tch Students W/Special Needs
SPED3020 Diff Instruc Inclus Classrm
SPED3030 The Learning Environment
SPED3040 Positive Behav/Supprt Interven
SPED3050 Tch Students W/High-Incid Disa
SPED3060 Tch Students W/Low-Incid Disab
SPED3070 Language, Comm/Assistive Tech
SPED4000 Spec Ed: Assmnt/Eval & Iep´S
SPED4100 Spec Ed: Collabor and The Law
SPED4210 Prof Tpc Sem: Ell To Spe Needs
SPMG4903 Internship/Co-Op
SPMG4906 Internship/Co-Op
SPMG4909 Internship/Co-Op
SPMG4912 Internship/Co-Op
SPMG4913 Internship/Co-Op
SSC322 Race and Ethnic Groups In Amer
STAT2110 Statistics
STAT2125 Honors Statistics
STAT3120 Statistics II
STAT3140 Probability/Math Statistics I
STAT3150 Probability/Math Statistics II
STAT4400 Statistical Software Applicatn
THEA1011 Production I
THEA1012 Production II
THEA1013 Production III
THEA1014 Production IV
THEA1015 Production V
THEA1016 Production Vi
THEA1017 Applied Voice I
THEA1018 Applied Voice II
THEA1019 Applied Voice III
THEA1020 Applied Voice IV
THEA1021 Applied Voice V
THEA1022 Applied Voice Vi
THEA1030 Introduction To Theater
THEA1040 Fundamentals Of Acting
THEA1050 Music Appreciation
THEA1060 Musical Theater: Jazz Dance I
THEA1070 Music Theater: Jazz Dance II
THEA1210 Chorus I
THEA1220 Chorus II
THEA2030 Technical Theater
THEA2040 Acting For The Camera
THEA2050 Dramatic Writing
THEA2060 Modern Trends In Theater
THEA2070 Stage Combat
THEA2080 Directing
THEA2160 Music Theater: Jazz Dance III
THEA2170 Music Theater: Jazz Dance IV
THEA3310 Voice and Diction
THEA3320 Special Topcs: Musical Theater
XREG0001 First Year Korean I
XREG102 Elementary French II
XREG1023 Evolution Of Aerospace
XREG1024 Sophomore Leadership Lab
XREG1030 Freshmen Leadership Lab
XREG1031 Evol Of Air/Space
XREG1032 Soph Leadership Lab
XREG1033 Freeshmen Leadership Lab
XREG1078 Foundations Of Usaf
XREG1080 Foundations Of Usaf
XREG305 Occt Lifespan
XREG4231 Intro To Biomechanics
XREG4244 Medical Devices