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The B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Sport Management helps students understand the depth, breadth, and unique character of the sport and recreation industry. Graduates of the program comprehend the priority of networking abilities for employment and career advancement in the industry, can communicate effectively and professionally, and employ leadership and interpersonal skills to effectively manage. With the 4+1 integrated degree program, students can go on to earn their M.B.A. with only one additional year of study.

Graduates hold positions in associations and leagues, fitness clubs, intercollegiate and high school athletics, parks and recreation, professional sports teams, sporting goods companies, events and facilities,and sport marketing. Jobs include account executive, athletic director, coach, event coordinator, and marketing coordinator.

Interested students in this course of study may be eligible for the Early Law School Admission Program.


Contact Information

Artemisia Apostolopoulou, Ph.D.
Phone: 412-397-6374
Fax: 412-397-2217
Room: Massey Hall 230

4-Year Course Plan

Freshman Year, Fall - 16 credits

  • CSEN1020 Argument and Research
  • MATH1010 Pre-Calculus or MATH2040 Finite Math and Applied Calculus
  • INFS1020 Introduction to Decisions Support Systems
  • PSYC1010 General Psychology
  • SPMG1010 Introduction to Sport Management
  • FYSP1000 First Year Experience

Freshman Year, Spring - 15 credits

  • SOCI1010 Principles of Sociology
  • HUMA1010 Humanities: Art/Music
  • CSCM1030 Public Speaking and Persuasion 
  • MGMT2000 Management Theory and Practice
  • SPMG2011 Social Issues in Sport

Sophomore Year, Fall - 15 credits

  • MATH2040 Finite Math and Applied Calculus
  • ECON1020 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • MARK2000 Principles of Marketing
  • CSCM2040 Professional Communicants in Workplace 
  • ACCT2030 Intro Financial Accounting

Sophomore Year, Spring - 15 credits

  • CSCM2050 Intercultural Communications
  • MGMT2100 Statistical/Quantitative Analysis
  • BLAW1050 Legal Environment of Business I
  • ECON1030 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ACCT2060 Managerial Accounting

Junior Year, Fall - 15 credits

  • FINA3000 Principles of Finance
  • MGMT3650 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 
  • SPMG3401 Management Principles in Sport Management
  • Natural Science Elective
  • Business Administration Elective*

Junior Year, Spring - 15 credits

  • SPMG3402 Sport Marketing    
  • SPMG____ Sport Management Elective*
  • ELIT____ Literature Elective
  • Business Administration Elective*
  • HIST____ History Elective

Senior Year, Fall - 15 credits

  • SPMG4820 Applied Sport Analytics 
  • MGMT4050 International Business 
  • Business Administration Elective*
  • Non-Business Elective
  • Non-Business Elective

Senior Year, Spring - 14 credits

  • MGMT4850-Strategic Management     
  • SPMG4840 Problem Solving in Sport and Recreation
  • Business Administration Elective*
  • Non-Business Elective
  • Non-Business Elective

* All Business Electives must be a 3 or 4 level course

Sample Courses:

These are some of the classes for students in this academic program:

Sport Marketing
Survey of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
Applied Sport Analytics
Major Credits
Sport Marketing, Applied Sport Analytics, Management Principles of Sport, Finance, Accounting
Core Credits
Communication Skills, Economics, Humanities, History, Sciences, etc.
Elective Credits

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