School of Engineering and Science


1 - Mitchell, Jeffrey

Acting Dean
Specialties: Mathematical physics

Department Heads

badger, paul

Department Head, Science
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Inorganic chemistry, fluorescence lanthanide complexes, instrumentation

joo, won

Department Head, Engineering
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical implant and device development, materials science and engineering


Acharya, Sushil

Professor of Software Engineering
Computer science, software design, verification and validation

Al-Jaroodi, Jameela

Professor of Software Engineering
Middleware, network and internet applications, collaborative technologies

Buxton, Gavin

Associate Professor of Physics
Physics, computational biology, mathematical modeling

Campbell, Ben

Associate Professor of Engineering
Electrical engineering, mechatronics, lasers

Carlsen, Rika

Associate Professor of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering 
Traumatic brain injury, biohybrid microrobotics

dress, william

Associate Professor of Biology
Specialties: Ecology, biogeochemistry, plant biology

Erden, Ergin

Associate Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Optimization, scheduling in health care systems, genetic algorithms

Hanna, Catherine

Associate Professor of Biology
Ecology, zoology, animal behavior

Hill, Sarajane

Lecturer of Engineering
General and mechanical engineering

Hillwig, Melissa

Associate Professor of Biology
Molecular genetics, molecular biochemistry, plant genetics

Kesserwan, Nader

Assistant Professor of Software Engineering
software development, computer science, verification and validation 

LaSota, Kenneth

Associate Professor of Geology and Earth Sciences
Environmental geology, climatology, earth science education

Lu, Min

Professor of Economics
International finance, financial economics, e-commerce

Manohar, Priyadarshan

Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Materials science and engineering, computer science, manufacturing

Maria V. Kalevitch, Ph.D.

University Professor of Biology

Maurer, Matthew

Associate Professor of Science
Science teacher professional development

Monterrubio, Luis

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Automotive manufacturing, mechanical design, vibrations

Robins, Anthony

Associate Professor of Biology
Epidemiology, anatomy, STEM diversity

Shim, Sangho

Associate Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Specialties: Optimization, supply chain management, informatics

Short, Daniel

Associate Professor of Environmental Science
Environmental chemistry, water quality, geographical information systems

sirinterlikci, arif

University Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Specialties: Manufacturing processes and simulation, 3D printing/additive manufacturing, reverse engineering

Spade, Sue

Lecturer of Engineering
General and electrical engineering

Stein, Lewis

Senior Lecturer of Biology
Life sciences, microbiology, anatomy

vandieren, monica

University Professor of Mathematics 
Model theory, research in undergraduate mathematics education

Zhang, Ying

Assistant Professor of Education
English language learners, English language development, educational linguistics