Residence Life: Parents & Guardians

We are so glad that your student has decided to become a part of the Living-Learning Community at Robert Morris University! The Office of Residence Life at RMU knows that parents and guardians play an extremely large role in the college experience for their students. The Office of Residence Life wants to make sure that communication and connection between our office and our parents and guardians are always present. 

This webpage will be one resource that will provide important information that we feel our parents and guardians would like to be aware of. For the beginning of the school year we have provided information regarding the move-in process (the What to Bring List, residence hall room photos and measurements, and the Linens Program), residence hall news, upcoming residence hall events, the RMU Care Package Program and so much more! We will continue to update this page to make sure that you are up to date with all the information you and your student needs.

Upcoming Events

For the 2020-2021 school year, we are excited to announce Mission 2020, the Office of Residence Life’s new, virtual, and interactive community where RMU students will stay connected, interact with peers, and with other members of the campus community. The events for each week will feature an overall theme. Students will participate in virtual and physically-distanced events throughout the week. The Office of Residence Life will host physically-distant, interactive challenge events on the weekends.

Weekend Events

  • August 29: Virtual Movie Night
  • September 4 to 6: Paint Night
  • September 18 to 20: RMU Chopped
  • October 3: Sunset Movie Night
  • October 9 to 11: Tie Dye Festival
  • October 16 to 17: RHA BINGO
  • October 31: Fall Festival
  • November 2 to 4: Pumpkin Carving Challenge
  • November 14: Diwali Celebration

The Care Package Program

The Office of Residence Life created the Care Package Program to assist parents/guardians to stay connected with their students while away at school! The proceeds for the Care Package Program go towards funding events and programs for on-campus students. 

The 2020-2021 care packages include:

  • The Welcome Package 
  • Hang In There
  • I Bee-lieve In You
  • I’m Wild About You
  • I Like the Way You Roll
  • Box of Sunshine 

Every care package is filled with various items such as goodies, RMU pride items, study tips, snacks, and so much more! Our care packages include individual packages for $30 each OR the Colonial Pride plan, which includes six packages for $150. Click here to sign up today!

What to Know

What you need to know about the move-in process:

  • Move-In Guide - The Move-In Guide is full of information needed for a smooth check in process. It includes a checklist of what students need to complete before moving onto campus. This document also contains links with important forms that students need to complete before moving on campus. 
  • What to Bring - The What to Bring List is a list of items suggested items that your students may need when they stay on campus. Discuss with your student to determine what items would best suit their needs while living on campus. Included in this document is a list of items that should not be brought to campus.
  • Residence Hall Flickr - Check out our flickr page for some great pictures of the residence halls and past student rooms. 
  • Traditional Room Measurements - This page contains the room measurements for Ross, Hamilton, Adams, Gallatin, Madison, Monroe, Hancock and Marshall. 
  • Apartments Room Measurements - The Apartment room measurement page includes measurements for Concord, Lexington and Salem apartments. 
  • Yorktown Room Measurements - This page lists all the room measurements for Yorktown’s rooms. 
  • Parent/Guardian Resources - We would love to find the best and most convenient way possible to stay in touch with you. Please take a moment to fill out the Parent/Guardian Survey for the 2020-2021 school year! This information will assist us in communicating with you throughout the year. Also included on this page contains common answers to questions and resources on how to help your student through common college experiences.

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