RMU 4+1 Accelerated Bachelor to Master's Degree Program Policy

Financial Information


Eligible students will continue to receive their federal Title IV aid until the student has earned the total number of credits normally required for the bachelor’s degree, generally 120 credits but depends on the program of study.

For PA state state grant recipients, once the student is accepted into the 4+1 program, state grants are reviewed each term until they earn the bachelor level credits. The grant amount will be determined based on the undergraduate courses a student is registered for and how many of those undergraduate courses are online. If the student carries at least 12 undergraduate credits and at least 50% of those are on-ground courses, full PA state grants will be awarded. Part time PA state grants may be awarded in the fourth year if the student carries at least six undergraduate credits. For the PA state grant policy on enrollment status, please click here.


Graduate and undergraduate loans differ in the amount of money that a student is able to borrow.

4+1 program students are eligible to borrow at the graduate level once they have earned the bachelor level credits. Students can apply for graduate level loans using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Repayment obligation for undergraduate loans will be deferred until after the graduate degree is complete.

Institutional Aid

Students are eligible to receive institutional aid for a total of 10 semesters once accepted into the integrated program. Students must maintain full-time status, which is a minimum of 12 credits each fall and spring semester, in order to continue to receive institutional aid. The 12 credits may be a combination of graduate and undergraduate course work.

Athletic scholarship

These are determined annually by individual coaches following NCAA regulations.


Once a student returns their enrollment agreement and they are placed on their 4+1 checksheet, they will be placed on the blended rate of tuition at the University effective for the very next term in which they register for classes. This tuition rate is a hybrid rate of undergraduate and graduate tuition. Students taking 12-18 credits will be placed on the blended flat rate of tuition. Students taking less than 12 credits will pay a blended per credit rate and students taking more than 18 credits will pay the blended flat rate plus an additional charge per credit for anything over 18 credits.

If a student withdraws from the 4+1 program and returns to their original undergraduate program attending full time, they will be placed on the University’s regular flat rate of tuition.

Please click here for current tuition charges.