Rockwell School of Business


1 - Vemala, Prasad

Interim Dean

2 - Crawley, Daria

Interim Associate Dean
Professor of Management
Specialties: Organizational behavior, international business, gender wage gap

4 - Potter, Jodi

Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs & MBA Director
Associate Professor of Management
Innovation in firm-based practices, strategic knowledge and development

Department Heads

Abdullah, Ira

Acting Department Head, Accounting & Taxation
Associate Professor of Accounting
Accounting behavioral research, decision making, managerial accounting

Apostolopoulou, Artemisia

Department Head, Marketing
University Professor of Sport Management and Marketing
Sport marketing, sponsorship, and licensing; international sport management

Emekter, Riza

Department Head, Finance
Professor of Finance
Specialties: Asset allocation, portfolio performance, speculative bubbles

Seth, Tapan

Department Head, Management
Associate Professor of Management
Strategic management, entrepreneurship, human capital


Anna Abdulmanova

Assistant Professor of Finance
corporate governance, corporate litigation, political contributions

Bryan, Lois

University Professor of Accounting
Assurance of learning, individual income taxation, managerial accounting

Chu, Yun

Professor of Marketing
International marketing, consumer behavior, cross-cultural negotiation

Clark, John

University Professor of Sport Management and Marketing
Sport strategy, sport sales, sport marketing

Flanegin, Frank

University Professor of Finance
Investments, financial analysis, finance technology

Gibson, Samantha

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Omnichannel Retailing, Service Dominant Logic, Value Co-creation, Services Marketing

Griffin El, Eliada

Director, Massey Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Professor of Management

Hasan Celik

Assistant Professor of Management
Logistics, Operations and Supply Chain Management

Hess, David

Assistant Professor of Accounting
Taxation, not-for-profit accounting, auditing

Hodaszy, Steven

Associate Professor of Taxation
Business and individual income taxation, federal tax procedure

Ivanova, Albena

Professor of Management
Quality assurance, operations and supply chain management

Jones, Cathleen

Associate Professor of Marketing
Restaurant research, qualitative research, social media for marketing

Karadag, Ersem

Professor of Accounting
Executive development, IT and financial management in hospitality

Krivacek, Gregory

Associate Professor of Accounting
Financial reporting research, financial and intermediate accounting

Kurp, Jill K.

University Professor of Marketing
Specialties: Children’s food packaging and branding, consumer behavior, surveys

Lin, Jasmin

Professor of Management
Downsizing, HR practices, customer satisfaction

Ma, Jianyu

Professor of Finance
Mergers and acquisitions, capital asset pricing, investment evaluation

MacPhail, Carol

Associate Professor of Accounting and Finance
Tax policy and social impact, financial planning, taxation

Minutolo, Marcel

Professor of Management
Strategy, sustainability and governance, innovation and technology transfer

Moreno, Gabriel

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Marketing Strategy, Professional Selling, Technical Sales, Digital Transformation

Park, Kihyun

Professor of Operations Management
Supply chain risk management and resilience, operations strategy

Peng, Jacob C.

Richard J. Harshman Professor of Accounting
Specialties: Accounting information systems, XBRL, text analytics

Racic, Stanko

Professor of Finance
International finance, investments, capital budgeting

Rubenfield, Ronald

Associate Professor of Accounting
Ethics, corporate governance, cost accounting

Rudd, Denis

University Professor of Hospitality Management
Hospitality, travel, tourism operations

Shangguan, Zhaoyun

Professor of Accounting
Financial accounting and reporting, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions

Shepard, Agnieszka

Assistant Professor of Management
Leadership, personality, performance

Shock, James

Associate Professor of Marketing
Innovation, market pioneering, product management lifecycle

Smith, Alan

University Professor of Marketing
E-commerce, supply chain management, vendor relation management

Swartz, Louis

Professor of Legal Studies
Online teaching, business law, estate law

Tu, Yanbin

University Professor of Marketing
E-commerce, database marketing, marketing analytics

Wei, Hongguo

Assistant Professor of Management
leadership, emotions, compassion, work relationships

Yang, Qin

Professor of Management
International management, innovation strategies, corporate entrepreneurship

Zahid, SM

Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance
Corporate financing, capital structure, law, regulation, and corporate risk management

Zhang, Qiongyao

Assistant Professor of Accounting
Financial accounting, information asymmetry research, executive compensation