Types of Financial Aid

There are different types of financial aid funding available. Sources include federal government grants, loans and work study, state grants, institutional and outside scholarships and private loan funding. Robert Morris University encourages you to utilize all available grant and scholarship money first before applying for loans.


Grants are funds that do not require repayment. These include federal and state grants which are based on financial need. They are automatically added to your financial aid award package as long as you have filled out the FAFSA and meet the necessary qualifications.

  • Click here to find out more about need-based grants that are available to RMU students.



Loans are borrowed funds that must be repaid. In many cases, these loans are low-interest. Payment can often be deferred as long as a student remains enrolled at least half-time. There are several types of loans available to help students fund their education.

Federal Work Study

A federal work-study award provides you with job opportunities through the Student Employment Program. Success Coaches at the Center for Student Success are available to help you find federal work-study employment. It is important to note that work-study funds will not be deducted from your tuition invoice. Rather, you will receive a paycheck for the hours that you work. You have the choice of using your paycheck for educational or personal expenses.