Department of Social Sciences

An education in the social sciences is applicable in a broad selection of career fields. The Department of Social Sciences provides solid education, scholarship, and training in the social sciences through a foundation in the liberal arts that prepares students for successful careers or continued education in graduate school.

Faculty in the department offer a professionally focused education enhanced with out-of-the-classroom engagement opportunities. Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities, and close ties with professional communities provide valuable connections. The Oral History Center allows students to get involved in interviews and serves as a repository of archival materials.

RMU SESS Programs degree availability
Academic Program - Undergraduate
Clinical Psychology B.S. B.S. On Campus
Clinical-Sport Psychology B.S. B.S. On Campus
Criminal Justice B.S. B.S. On Campus Fully Online
Economics B.A. B.A. On Campus
General Psychology B.S. B.S. On Campus
History B.A. B.A. On Campus
Industrial-Organizational Psychology B.S. B.S. On Campus
Political Science B.A. B.A. On Campus
Secondary Education - Social Studies B.A. B.A. On Campus
Social Science B.A. or B.S. B.A. or B.S. On Campus
Sociology B.A. B.A. On Campus
Sport Psychology B.S. B.S. On Campus
Academic Program - Graduate
Counseling Psychology M.S. M.S. On Campus
Cyber Investigations and Intelligence M.S. M.S. On Campus

Department Head

Dennick-Brecht, Kathryn
Kathryn Dennick-Brecht, Ed.D.

Professor of Sociology
Specialties: Social problems, deviant behavior