Residence Life: Parent/Guardian Resources

We would love to find the best and most convenient way possible to stay in touch with you. Please take a moment to fill out the Parent/Guardian Survey for the 2020-2021 school year! This information will assist us in communicating with you throughout the year.

How Can a Parent Help with their Student’s Roommate Conflict?

There are things that are weighing on your student’s mind and your mind, too. This fall is going to have some stressors for students, especially first-year students. Many students have conflicts with their roommates that they find difficult to navigate. This is the first time they are sharing space with others and suddenly they are sharing a bedroom with another person. How can you help? Click here for more information.


How do I address mail to my RMU Student? 
[Name of Student]
Box number (Do NOT indicate as “PO Box Number”)
Robert Morris University 
6001 University Boulevard
Moon Township, Pennsylvania 15108

If you have further questions or concerns about the Student Mailroom please contact 412-397-5430 or

Can I bring a pet to school? With the exception of service and assistance animals and small fish (maximum 10 gallon tank), no pets or animals are permitted in university residence halls. Students will be required to find a new home for any unauthorized animals/pets immediately.  The student may be found in violation of university policy and face additional consequences. 

What size refrigerator and microwave can I bring? Refrigerators must be U.L. approved and the total size of the refrigerator and freezer combined may not exceed three (3) cubic feet. Microwaves must be U.L. approved and my not exceed a stated FCC rating of 700 watts (FCC rating must be intact) 

I want to bring my own dresser, bed, lamps, etc. for my room, can you remove the one the university provides? All university furniture must remain in the room, it cannot be removed. If the furniture is removed from the room or becomes lost the student may get charged for the missing furniture. 

The heater/air conditioner isn’t working in my student’s room? Students may contact Colonial Central to report any building, grounds, housekeeping and maintenance needs or concerns. This includes any concerns they may have about the physical components of their residence hall or residence hall room. Colonial Central is available 24/7 by calling 412-397-4343. 

What size bed does my student’s residence hall have? Residence halls are equipped with twin XL beds: Adams, Concord, Gallatin, Hamilton, Hancock, Lexington, Madison, Marshall, Monroe, Ross, Salem, and Washington. However, Yorktown has double-size beds in every room. 

How do I submit my student’s health insurance information online before they move in? Click this link to access the online insurance form. If you do not provide health insurance coverage information by the posted deadline, you will be enrolled in the RMU Student Health Plan provided by UPMC Health Plan.