Federal Requirements - The Clery Act

Enacted in 1990, The Student Right to Know and the Campus Security Act was designed to “...assist students in making decisions which affect their personal safety...” and “...to make sure institutions of higher education provide students, prospective students, and faculty the information they need to avoid becoming the victims of campus crime.” The Higher Education Act of 1998 and the subsequent amendment of the implementing regulations (34 C.F.R. 668.46 et. seq.) significantly expanded institutions’ obligations under the Act. The Act was also renamed the “Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act” (hereafter the Clery Act).

Weekly Police Blotter

This weekly report is generated by the University Police Department and published in “The Sentry” a Robert Morris University student run newspaper. This report allows full disclosure of all incidents handled by the Police Department on a weekly basis.


Click Here to view the Weekly Police Blotter located on "The Sentry" website.

Campus Security Authority

What is a “Campus Security Authority”?

If you have significant responsibility for student and campus activities, then you are a “CSA”.

The Police Department encourages the timely reporting of crimes on campus, the following persons have been designated as “campus security officials” to whom incidents may also be reported:

  • Dean of Student Affairs
  • Assistant Deans of Student Affairs
  • Director of Resident Life  
  • Title IX Coordinator & Deputy Title IX Coordinators
  • VP of Human Resource Department
  • Members of the University Police Department
  • Director of Athletics and team coaches
  • Coordinator of Greek Affairs


In addition, area coordinators and community advisors play a key role in maintaining a safe and secure environment in the residence halls. Area coordinators and community advisors are also responsible for  

  • reporting criminal activity in the residence halls,
  • maintaining appropriate documentation of incidents that occur in the residence halls;
  • responding to emergencies that may arise in the residence facility.


If you are a “CSA” and an incident is reported to you, please use the following “Crime Report Form” found by following the below links.

Note: Crimes in progress should be reported immediately to the University Police Department at 412-397-2424.

2023 Security and Fire Report

This report represents an important part of our commitment to safety, the transparent reporting of campus crime statistics and security policies so we can accurately judge our efforts and ensure we are held accountable by our students, their parents and the public.