Public Safety - Security Systems and Services

RMU Alert

RMU's Emergency Alert System keeps the campus community informed of weather related and other emergency alerts. Visit for more information and to ensure that you are subscribed for alerts.

Emergency Phones

These two-way call boxes are located strategically around campus. They allow an individual in need of assistance to speak directly with the Police Department. Activation of the call button on these yellow box style phones immediately identifies the caller’s location, and the Police Department will direct the appropriate emergency response team to the caller. Please use them only in the case of an emergency.

Card Access System

All residence hall buildings as well as several other buildings on campus are equipped with card access systems to help ensure security within the building.

Security Cameras

Closed circuit security cameras are strategically placed throughout campus to help ensure the safety and security of all students, faculty, staff and guests. These cameras are also used to aid the Police Department with investigations.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

All Police Department Officers are CPR, First Aid and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certified. AED’s are carried in each patrol vehicle and are also strategically located across campus.

In the event of a medical emergency the Police Department will respond and make the determination if Valley Ambulance Authority (VAA) need to be contacted for further evaluation or transport to a local hospital for necessary treatment.

Emergency Response Flip Chart

The Emergency Response Flip Chart is intended to provide members of the university with guidance should an emergency occur. It is not meant to take the place of the larger detailed emergency response plans developed by the Safety Committee.

This chart is placed in every building and classroom throughout the university.

All members of the Robert Morris University community should familiarize themselves with the content contained within this guide.

It should be kept in an area which will allow for easy access should it be needed in the event of an emergency.

Each of the sub-committees developed this flipchart and information contained within as part of the overall University Safety Committee Process.
Click Here to view Emergency Response Flip Chart

Fire and Protection Alarms

All Robert Morris University buildings are equipped with fire, elevator safety and area intrusion alarms monitored by Guardian Protection Services 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. In case of an alarm activation, the Police Department is notified of the type of alarm along with the specific location and will direct the appropriate emergency response team to the call.

Fire Pull Stations

Fire alarm pull-stations are connected to a building fire protection system that sends a signal to the Police Department. Activating a fire pull-station will trigger the evacuation of the building and elicit a police and fire department response.

Fire Evacuation Maps

Fire evacuation maps are located strategically throughout every building on campus depicting the buildings blue print along with primary and secondary exits in case of an emergency. These maps also show locations of all Fire Pull Stations and Fire Extinguishers located throughout the building.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are provided near the entrance to each stairwell on every floor. Each apartment kitchen is equipped with an ABC chemical extinguisher located under the sink. All University buildings are also equipped with sprinkler systems and smoke detectors.

If you discover smoke or a fire in a building:

  • Do not panic.
  • Sound the alarm immediately by pulling any red FIRE pull-station.
  • Evacuate to the outside, warning others on the way out. Always use the stairs, elevators will stop working if the power ceases.
  • Call the Police Department immediately 412-397-2424 giving as many details as possible including location of fire, materials involved, any known injuries, etc.
  • Seek out the first arriving emergency personnel (police, fire, medical) and tell them the specific location of the fire.
  • Once you are out of the building, stay out! NEVER ENTER A BURNING BUILDING!

Fire Safety / Prevention

  • The Police Department asks for your help in eliminating campus fire hazards and false alarms.
  • DO NOT overload electric outlets in your rooms or offices. This can result in fire.
  • Open flames, including the burning of incense and candles is prohibited in all residence halls.
  • Dispose of all waste as soon as possible. Do not leave bags or other materials in hallways or stairwells.
  • Do not store bicycles, chairs, desks or any other items in exit ways. Blocked exits can cause “chain reaction” pile ups at an exit during emergency situations.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted in the residence halls.
  • Do not damage or hang anything from the sprinkler heads as this could create a serious fire hazard.