Room and Board Fees

2019-2020 Room Rates

Standard Rate - $3,235 per semester
First Year Residence Halls including Adams, Gallatin, Hamilton, Hancock, Madison, Marshall (Upperclass Hall), Monroe, Ross, and Washington (Upperclass Hall).

Standard Yorktown Rate - $4,100 per semester
Upperclass Hall located less than a mile from campus. Yorktown is equipped with a cafe and gym space. Limited space provided for freshman students.

Apartment Rate - $4,945 per semester
Apartment spaces are located in Concord, Lexington and Salem Halls. These spaces are for Upper-class residents (Juniors & Seniors).

Private Rate - $4,675 - per semester
Private spaces are located in Yorktown Hall. Spaces are limited

2019-2020 Meal Plan Rates

All resident students are required to have a dining plan. Dining plans can be selected from semester to semester by logging on to your housing contract through the Residence Life website, once selected, changes can only be made during the add/drop period at the beginning of each semester through the Residence Life Office. The costs below are per semester.

The Revolutionary Plan – $3,390* $203/week
The Revolutionary Plan is designed for a student that spends the majority of time on campus. This plan is structured so that you can have larger meals with spending money on snacks.

The Patriot Plan – $2,655* $154/week
The Patriot Plan is designed for an average on campus student that eats most of their meals on campus and has a few snacks from time to time.

The Jefferson Plan – $2,335* $132/week
The Jefferson Plan is designed for the flexible student that eats some meals and snacks on campus.

The Liberty Plan - $2,095* $116/week
The Liberty Plan is designed for the light eater or the student who routinely goes off campus on the weekends.

The Revere Plan - $1,680* $89/week
This plan is designed for the student that rarely eats at campus dining locations but is still a resident student.

Commuter Plan - $775* $43/week
This plan is only open to commuter student.

*Our dining plans include an administration fee of $350.00 per plan per semester. The administration fee covers the cost of maintenance, enhancements, and operations associated with our dining program.

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