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2021-2022 All-Access Meal Plan Details

Robert Morris University requires all resident students to participate in the dining plan because we believe that a sense of community and a commitment to healthy eating are both key to the success of our students.   

The All-Access Meal Plan provides every resident student with:

  • Unlimited Access to the PNC Colonial Café
  • Meal Equivalency (combos) available at Yorktown Café (Breakfast 1x, Lunch 1x, Dinner 2x)
  • An allocation of $200 Flexible Dining Dollars per semester (a total of $400 per academic year) that can be used at all retail locations
  • 5 Guest Passes per semester to be used in PNC Colonial Café

Flexible Dining Dollars: a $200 dining dollar allocation is loaded each semester ($400 per academic year) with the All-Access plan.  Dining Dollars can be used at all on-campus dining and retail locations and works like a debit card.

Guest Passes are included for flexibility and convenience so that you can treat your friends or family members to a meal in the PNC Colonial Café.

Dining Locations

Dining Dollars, Cash, Credit, and Colonial Cash are accepted at all dining locations.

PNC Colonial Café offers open access allowing for the ultimate in convenience and flexibility. You can come in and out of the PNC Colonial Café anytime you wish and as many times as you wish. Come in for a full meal, quick snack, or just a beverage to support a balanced lifestyle. Open access also allows for 5 guest passes per semester to bring a family member or friend.  "Next Meal" options are always available. 

Yorktown Café offers breakfast, lunch and dinner items as well as ‘Next Meal’ options to take with you.  All students with an All-Access Meal Plan can go to Yorktown Café and use one meal equivalence for breakfast, one lunch and up to two meal equivalencies per evening starting at 5:00pm. All the favorites you’ve come to love are still available including salads, wraps, and burgers plus shakes and fries. Yorktown Café accepts flexible Dining Dollars, Colonial Cash, Cash, Credit, and Meal Equivalency. Meal Equivalency is a meal combo that includes a main entree, side, and beverage/shake, and is included as part of the All-Access Plan.

Retail Location

RoMo's Café offers an inviting, casual dining option. Students can enjoy Starbucks craft coffee and bakery items, delicious offerings from Freshëns. RoMo’s also offers snack and grocery items for retail purchase. Dining Dollars, Cash, Credit, and Colonial Cash are accepted.

Hale Café offers students and professors coffee from Coffee Tree Roasters, quick snack items and retail items. Dining Dollars, Cash, Credit, and Colonial Cash are accepted.

Commuter Dining Plans

Robert Morris Dining Services believes that a sense of community and a commitment to healthy eating are both key to the success of our students.  The Commuter Plans are designed for students who live off campus but want to enjoy the convenience of on-campus dining locations. The plans are designed so that the student can have several meals a week as well as save 7% sales tax.

The Commuter Plans are declining balance Dining Dollars and are in increments of $500.00, $750.00, and $1,500/semester. Dining Dollars can be used at all on-campus dining and retail locations and work like a debit card.

Commuters are not restricted to the Commuter Plans and may select the All-Access Meal Plan as well. 

Resident students are not eligible for Commuter Meal Plans. 

Sign Up:

Commuters wishing to enroll using financial aid should complete the Commuter Dining Plan Contract.  In order for the meal plan to be activated, payment must be received. Return the completed and signed contract to the Student Financial Services (SFS) Office. On Campus:  Revere Center Building (Lower Level) Email:  Stacct@rmu.edu

Commuters not using financial aid can purchase a commuter meal plan through eAccounts.  Sign in as a Guest Deposit and enter your student's RMU email address. During the year if your student would need to tap up, visit eAccounts and enter as a Guest Deposit and repurchase a Commuter Plan or add on Dining Dollars.  Anyone can make a Guest Deposit during the year, you just need your student's RMU email address to do so.

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