Trees Network

The RMU Trees Network has been established to create a system of interconnections for families of children or young adults with intellectual disabilities.

  • Connections to special services, resources, consultation, and counseling
  • Specialized education for future special education teachers
  • Professional development for educators, service providers, and families
  • Information about important services, resources, and assistive technology
  • Family support group facilitation

RMU Trees Network

Provides services and training to enhance supports for children and adolescents with mild, moderate, or severe intellectual disabilities and their families through professional preparation of teachers, continued professional development of teachers and service providers, and direct services to children and families.

Professional Preparation of Future Teachers

To prepare future special education teachers to educate students with intellectual disabilities to have engaged, productive, and successful careers and lives, the RMU Trees Network will provide scholarships for students studying special education at RMU. Scholarship recipients will provide direct services through the RMU Trees Network.

Scholarships are available!

Contact Us

For more information contact Vicki Donne at 412-397-5465 or, or Karen Oosterhous at 412-397-3509.