Global Engagement

A Campus Connected to the World

Visit the Center for Global Engagement and discover opportunities to study, research, or intern around the world for a semester, a summer, or for 9-14 days (led by an RMU faculty).  Learn about on-campus Global SET credit programs like Global Ambassadors, Conservation Exchange Partners, or the Global Village Living Learning Community.  The CGE welcomes international students and supports their adjustment to life at RMU by offering services and programs on understanding immigration and American academic culture. 

RMU strongly supports international awareness, involvement, and study through the Center for Global Engagement. Programs include visiting international scholars who live on campus, international student clubs and events, and study abroad options from a couple weeks to a semester or year.

International students

Over 10% of RMU's population is international. The Center for Global Engagement provides immigration, academic, and cultural support to international members of the RMU community.

Study Abroad Japan

RMU offers many unique study abroad opportunities that allow them to earn credit towards their degrees so that they can still graduate on time. Students can spend a semester abroad in 25 countries around the world or spend 2 weeks abroad with RMU faculty teaching courses designed to fit seamlessly into students' degree checksheets.

Global Colonials

Students have an opportunity to experience RMU's Global Perspective right here in Moon Township. They can choose to live in the Global Village Living Learning Community or participate in events throughout the year like Global Karneval and International Education Week.

Rooney Scholar

Each semester brings a new professor to live on campus and share experiences and perspectives with students.

Additional CGE Resources

Please use this section to find information about studying in America, RMU policies, federal regulations, and different opportunities available to RMU students on campus and in Pittsburgh. Note it is your responsibility to understand how to maintain your immigration status while at RMU. We are here to help you.

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