Bayer Center - Coaching

t’s lonely at the top… and sometimes in the middle and at the bottom, too. The Bayer Center’s Coaching program can give you the confidential, personal advisor you’ve been looking for.

Bayer Center coaches have all been trained in International Coach Federation approved programs, representing the highest standards of coaching ethics and excellence. More than just a sympathetic ear, our coaches can help you be more effective at:

  • Managing others
  • Managing yourself
  • Managing change
  • Balancing the demands of your professional and private lives
  • In short...being more effective at work and play

Here's what some of our coaching clients have said...

"Thank you. You're watching a life change right before your eyes."
Jeffrey Dorsey, Executive Director, Union Project and BCNM coaching client

"My coach provided a sounding board for ideas and concerns, made me think further ahead than I normally do, and increased my confidence in areas where I was not so sure of myself."
Roy Kraynyk, Director of Land Protection, Allegheny Land Trust and BCNM coaching client

"My 6-month contract for executive coaching was successful...Coaching brought insights into the organization's and field's structural strengths and weaknesses, as well as contributions to both. Overall, it improved my confidence and sense of market value of my domain-specific knowledge and knowledge of my field."
~Molly Eggleston, ED, National Board of Public Examiners

For more information on affordable coaching at the Bayer Center, please contact Carrie Richards at 412-397-6008 or