Student Financial Services: Financial Appeals

The Financial Appeals Board has been established to allow students the opportunity to appeal a University policy that has a financial implication on the student's account. Consequently, all appeals must originate through Student Financial Services. Students may appeal a decision if they believe they have an extenuating circumstance that warrants Robert Morris University to deviate from the published policy.

Dependent upon availability, the Board consists of staff, faculty and student representation. It meets the last Monday of every month. Paperwork for the appeal must be submitted to the Office of Student Financial Services no later than one week prior to the meeting for the appeal to be heard that month. Students may appear in person to present their case. If the student chooses to appear in person, he/she will have no more than 15 minutes to present their case and the basis for the appeal. Only the student may appear at the board meeting. Legal counsel or a third-party will not be permitted to represent the student. This is an administrative hearing and carries no bearing on employment or student status.

The decision of the Financial Appeals Board is final. After the case is heard, the student will receive written notification of the board's decision within a week.

The appeals board will not hear cases regarding the following:

  • academic or financial aid appeals
  • account balances derived from the return of Title IV funds
  • appeals of non-academic fees
  • Balances must be paid prior to the appeal.

Financial Appeal Form