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“Community is much more than belonging to something; it's about doing something together that makes belonging matter.”  ~-Brian Solis

Nonprofits build strong communities.
We build strong nonprofits.

At the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University’s Rockwell School of Business, we build a stronger community by helping to build stronger, more knowledgeable nonprofits. We incorporate collaboration, patience, and decades of knowledge and past successes into our educational programming, consulting engagements, and research initiatives for the dedicated folks who work to bring justice, opportunity, and hope to our region.

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Every one of our solutions is a custom solution.

At the Bayer Center, we build a stronger community by helping to build stronger, more knowledgeable nonprofits. We do this through collaboration, patience and relationships, combined with decades of diverse success experience.


Our approach to education is to stay on top of what’s happening in the sector, plan for what’s going to happen, listen to you, and offer the ever-adapting menu of classes you see on our website.


Our approach to consulting is, when time permits and circumstances warrant, to enter into a process that builds mutual trust and respect and long-lasting results. And when time doesn’t permit, to help you deal with crisis in the instant and on the ground.

Thought Leadership

Our approach to thought leadership is to leverage our role as a Robert Morris University center, and to listen to you – through conversations, research, and community gatherings – to bring together the best thinking on how our sector can most effectively enhance our community.

About the Bayer Center

Since 1999, The Bayer Center has worked with, educated, and collaborated with a myriad of nonprofits
ranging from grassroots start-ups to large-scale, long-tenured organizations. No matter what size, stage
or mission, The Bayer Center works with you to provide effective and practical management and
governance tools, information, education and research that strengthen nonprofit missions and multiply
all investments of time, talent and money in regional nonprofit organizations.


PhotoCarrie Richards is Associate Director at the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University. A nonprofit professional who specializes in capacity building, community development, and program management, Carrie is a strong believer in the power of social capital, and loves to match the talents and passions of individuals to opportunities that will strengthen their communities. Carrie is an RMU alumna with master’s degrees in nonprofit management and human resources. A Northsider and proud owner of a rescued pit bull, she and her husband Bradly love exploring National Parks with their pup, Kitty, and visiting Disney World as often as possible.

Advisory Board

Current Advisory Board

  • Rebecca Lucore, Covestro (Advisory Board Co-Chair)
  • Lisa Scales, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank (Advisory Board Co-Chair)
  • Samantha Balbier, University of Pittsburgh Institute of Politics
  • Jennifer Cairns
  • Chris Cooke
  • Ellen Estomin, Executive Service Corps
  • Trish Gadson, Jeffereson Regional Foundation
  • Angela Garcia, Global Links
  • Lizz Helmsen, Carter
  • Paul S. Homick, Mercy Health Foundation
  • Derya Jacobs, Robert Morris University
  • Peter Lucas, Boston Consulting Group
  • Sabrina Saunders Mosby, Vibrant Pittsburgh
  • Jack Owen, Owen and Conley, LLC
  • Trina DeMarco Preffer, Eat 'n Park
  • Colleen Young, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

The Bayer Center acknowledges with gratitude the catalytic support received over the years from:

and our generous individual supporters and the invaluable nonprofit organizations whom we serve as clients and students!