Brand Toolkit

Public Relations and Marketing Brand Toolkit

This RMU Brand Toolkit is designed to help users access many print and digital resources with the RMU brand, as well as inform them about best practice for promoting the university's vision through web and social media. The toolkit includes official logos, a photo library, print and promotional materials, downloadable Word and PowerPoint templates, web and social media guidelines, and instructions on leveraging the RMU brand. Please refer to this toolkit when searching for RMU related materials and let us know if you have any questions.

The Office of Public Relations and Marketing, located on the second floor of the Lafayette Center, exists for the primary purpose of monitoring and maintaining the image of Robert Morris University to external and internal audiences through media, advertising, public relations and publications programs. The Public Relations Office supports the marketing plans of the university and is responsible for developing and approving all external publications and advertising programs for the university. Overall, we are here to assist you, so please reach out to the Public Relations and Marketing Department with any questions or concerns regarding the Brand Toolkit.