Dining Plan FAQ

2023-2024 Dining Plan Frequently Asked Questions

What are my Meal Plan options?

RMU offers an All-Access meal plan or Apartment meal plan with an allocation of Dining Dollars and Flex Dollars.

  • All-Access
    Unlimited Access to the PNC Food Court
    • Meal Equivalency at Yorktown Cafe (Breakfast 1x, Lunch 1x, Dinner 2x)
    • An Allocation of $150 Dining Dollars and $50 Flex Dollars per semester.
    5 Guest Passes per Semester to be used in PNC Food Court.
  • Apartment Plan
    140 Meal Swipes to PNC Food Court
    • An Allocation of $400 All-Access Dining Dollars and $100 Flex Dollars per semester.

What is a meal equivalency?

Meal Equivalency is a meal combo that includes a main entree, side, and beverage, and is included as part of the All-Access Meal Plan that does not require the use of Dining Dollars. 

Can I really access PNC Food Court as much as I want?

Yes, as the name implies, the All-Access Meal Plan is essentially like a membership that allows you to come and go. There is no need to track or budget meal plan declining balance dollars during the semester.

How do I select a meal plan?

Students will automatically be enrolled in the All-Access Meal Plan during the housing contract application process.
Commuter students are not required to purchase a meal plan, however they can choose between the All-Access Plan or the Commuter Plan if they wish. 

Where can I use my meal plan?

The All-Access Meal Plan can be used with unlimited access to the PNC Food Court (anytime the student wishes and as many times as they want). The Yorktown Café offers a meal equivalency during the Meal Times. Meal Equivalency is a meal combo that includes a main entree, side, and beverage, and is included as part of the All-Access Plan. 

Is there a choice of meal plans?

For a more convenient and simple approach, RMU has a single All-Access Meal Plan. As part of the housing contract, resident students will be automatically enrolled into the All-Access Meal Plan.

I live in Yorktown, can I use my meal plan there?

Yes, Students will be able to use their All-Access Meal Plan at the Yorktown Café. Each breakfast, lunch and evening a selection of meal combos will be available to select from as a meal equivalency. A meal equivalency is used for a full meal; as an example, Burger, fries, and beverage. Students will be able to use a single meal equivalency for breakfast, a single meal equivalency for lunch and up to 2 meal equivalencies during evening hours. Additionally, Dining Dollars, cash, credit, Flex Dollars, and Colonial Cash can also be used at Yorktown Café for additional purchases.

I don’t live at Yorktown, can I still dine at the Yorktown Café?

Yes, the Yorktown Café accepts: All-Access meal equivalency, Dining Dollars, cash, credit, Flex Dollars, and Colonial Cash.

Where are meal equivalencies accepted?

The meal equivalency is available at Yorktown Café.

If I use a Meal Equivalency Swipe at 5:00 PM at Yorktown Café, can I then go to PNC Food Court and Swipe in for a snack after night class?

Yes, the All-Access meal plan gives unlimited access to the PNC Food Court.

I have a night class, will there be anywhere for me to eat?

Yes. We understand the students have varied schedule from early morning to late evening. The PNC Food Court and the Yorktown Café are open for night dining.

How can I use my Guest Passes?

Your All-Access Meal Plan is non-transferable and may only be used by you. However, you have 5 guest passes to use during the semester. Your guest passes may be used for a friend or family member at PNC Food Court. However, keep in mind that guests can always pay with cash or credit card.

How do I use my Guest Passes?

Guest Passes are automatically loaded onto your card along with the All-Access meal plan and Dining Dollars at the beginning of each semester. To use, notify the cashier at the entrance of PNC Food Court when you want to use your Guest Pass(es).

If you run out of Guest passes, you may purchase a ‘meal at the door’ by using Dining Dollars, cash, credit card, or Colonial Cash.

Can I purchase additional Dining Dollars?

Yes, at the beginning of the semester the All-Access Meal Plan will be pre-loaded with $150 Dining Dollars per semester ($300 per academic year) and $50 Flex Dollars per semester ($100 per academic year). You may add additional Dining Dollars online through eAccounts or by stopping into the Student Financial services office in Patrick Henry.

What is the difference between Dining Dollars and Colonial Cash?

Dining Dollars are flexible dollars that are part of the All-Access Meal Plan and can be used at RoMo’s and Yorktown Cafés. They can be used to purchase anything sold. Dining Dollars are tax exempt and must be used within the Academic Year.

Colonial Cash is a debit account available to all students, faculty, and staff and is loaded onto your RMU ID Card for use on both campus and participating off-campus locations in Moon Township. A list of locations that accepts Colonial Cash can be found at Colonial Cash webpage.

Do my Dining Dollars carry over if I don't use them?

Dining Dollars carry over from the Fall Semester to the Spring Semester, and any unused funds will expire in May. (Note: If a meal plan is not continued into Spring semester, any leftover Dining Dollars will be forfeited after the class add/drop period, which is one week into the semester). 

Can I use my Dining Dollars at the Vending Machines?

No. However, Dining Dollars can be used for snacks at RoMo’s and Yorktown Cafés.

Where can I find dining location menus and hours of operation?

The hours of operation can be found here. Menu information and hours of operation can also be found on the free FoodU App which is available for iPhone and android devices.

What do I do if I have a special dietary need or food allergy?

The RMU Center for Student Success and RMU Dining Team work together to assist students with special dietary needs. Contact diningservices@rmu.edu to get connected. Special accommodations can also be requested in the housing contract.

Who do I contact whenever I have a great idea?

Please feel free to contact the Dining Management Team at any time with your ideas, comments, or suggestions. All management team members wear a gold name badge are available in the dining locations during the meal periods. You may also submit your ideas through the “My Ideas” section of the FoodU app.

I lost my RMU ID Card, what do I do?

In the event a card has been misplaced and cannot be found, it can be temporarily frozen or permanently deactivated by logging into RMU’s eAccounts page. You can make an appointment to get a new card on the RMU ID Card Office webpage.

What is the campus tender drain order?

Campus tenders such as Dining Dollars, Flex Dollars and Colonial Cash will have a specific drain order based on the location of purchase.

  • On Campus Drain Order (PNC, RoMo's, Yorktown): Dining Dollars, Flex Dollars, Colonial Cash
  • Off Campus Drain Order (Giant Eagle, Mike & Tony's): Flex Dollars, Colonial Cash (This includes AVI vending)

Can I split a transaction between two tenders such as Dining Dollars and Flex Dollars?

No, you must have the exact amount on one tender to complete the transaction. You can not split payment between two tenders.

For any questions about the dining plan not covered here, please email DiningServices@rmu.edu.