Mail and Print Services

RMU Student Mailroom

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 10:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.; 4:00 P.M.-7:00 P.M.
Saturday and Sunday: 1:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.

Note-the student mailroom is closed when classes are not in session

Summer Hours (May through August)
Monday-Friday: 10:00 A.M.-2:00 P.M.

Picking Up Mail/Packages

All mail and packages are received for distribution Monday-Friday. Deliveries to the student mailroom occur Monday-Friday after 2:00 P.M. 

Resident students do not need to be assigned a mailbox number in order to receive packages at the RMU student mailroom.

All packages should be shipped to: 

  • Your Name
  • RMU Student Mailroom 
  • 6001 University Blvd
  • Moon Township, PA 15108

When your package is received by the Student Mailroom you will receive a notification to your RMU email account. The sender will be “Mailroom by PackageX” and you can respond directly to that notification with any questions or concerns. To claim a package, report to the Student Mailroom window with your RMU ID Card during the hours of operation. 

Packages will be held in the Student Mailroom for 14 days. 

Any mail or packages not claimed will be returned to sender when possible or destroyed. If you are unable to claim a package and would like to have it forwarded, email the Student Mailroom at in order to make arrangements. The student is responsible for any additional shipping charges. 

Resident Student Mailboxes

All resident students can be assigned a student mailbox for postal service while they are living on campus. Your mailing address while a resident student is:

  • Your Name
  • Your Assigned Mailbox Number
  • 6001 University Blvd
  • Moon Township, PA 15108

If filling out an online address form, use the mailbox number as the apartment number

If you plan to receive mail at the university, you can pick up a key and your mailbox assignment to access your student mailbox from the Student Mailroom window during regular hours of operation. All mailbox keys are due annually before the end of semester resident move-out day at the end of the Spring Semester. Only summer resident students may retain their key.

Any student who does not return a checked out mailbox key will be charged $50.


The Student Mailroom is on the second floor of the Nicholson Building, near the Student Life Offices. Mailboxes are located in the Student Mailroom and the Bottom floor of the rotunda in Nicholson. 

Any outgoing mail should be placed in the mail slot on the Student Mailroom Door. 

Outgoing domestic shipping of any student’s personal packages is available via USPS and UPS at the mailroom window during regular hours of operation. Any internationally shipped packages need to be sent out of the Facilities Mailroom on Grant Drive. 

The Student mailroom also sells some shipping supplies, like boxes, envelopes and stamps. We take cash, credit card or Colonial Cash. 


Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


Student Copier Locations

  • Colonial Cash:
    • Jefferson Lab - Color and B&W
    • Library - Color and B&W
    • Wheatley - B&W
    • SBUS - B&W
    • Hale - B&W
  • Coins:
    • Library - B&W

RMU Mail & Print Services

The RMU Mail & Print Center is located at 300 Grant Drive within the Facilities Service Center.

 Mail & Print Center Hours:     

  • Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM


Copiers or Print Center Jobs    

Mail Service

Student Mail Center

Print and Copy Costs (Faculty/Staff/Students)


  • B&W Print & Copy   .03
  • Color Print   .10
  • B&W Copy   .03
  • Color Copy   .10

 Print Center:

  • B&W Copy   .03
  • Color Copy   .10

Other Networked Printers:

  • B&W Laser   .03
  • Color Laser   .10
  • Dot Matrix   .03
Additional Information

Job Request Form

  • Save the blank form to your PC or laptop.
  • Complete the form and save the completed copy.
  • Attach the completed form in an e-mail and send it to the RMU Mail and Print center  -

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