Parking and Vehicle Registration

Parking Permit Registration  Pay Parking Ticket Online
Available Friday, August 2nd

Summer Parking Permits 


Price is $30.00 for Resident and Commuter permits these permits expire 8-19-2024. They can only be purchased at Barry Center, the Police Station on Campus. If you have a current school year pass you do not have to purchase a SUMMER PERMIT.

Parking Permit Registration  


Commuter permits will be mailed to the address given during purchasing.

Resident permits will be sent to the Barry Center (RMU Police Station)  in 5-8 business days after permit request is submitted.

The link above is purely a permit payment site for student permits only. It is not a database that stores information, and resets after each submission. You must contact the parking dept at to make any vehicle or housing updates after purchase.

Parking Tickets

Holds will not be removed until your parking account has reached a balance of $0.00. 

Holds may take up to 72 hours to be released off the students account. Any payments made on a weekend or during a school break, may result in a longer timing than 72 hours for a hold to be removed.

The holds create an inability to register for courses, view grades, receive diploma, and receive transcripts. 

If you have any questions or would like to know your full parking account balance, please contact the RMU Parking Department at 412-397-2400 or and provide your Banner ID number for identification purposes. All parking fines must be paid within 10 days.

Parking Department

Parking Dept Hours of Operation are limited. (412-397-2400)

The Police Department of Robert Morris University has been created to control and enhance the parking program. The Police Department's mission is to provide a fair and quality service within the scope of available resources. It is the responsibility of all individuals parking on campus to read and understand these regulations. Lack of knowledge will not be accepted as grounds for dismissal of a ticket.

Please note that you are parking on campus at your own risk. Robert Morris University does not assume any liability for loss including, but not limited to, theft or damage of any vehicle or its contents while parked at the University. Refer to the university map for designated parking locations, spaces and corresponding codes.

If you are a visiting guest, you must stop at the Barry Center to receive a visitor pass.

Parking Designations

All vehicles must have an appropriate permit displayed to park in University lots. The only acceptable placement for parking permits is on your rear view mirror (hang tag permit). Parking tickets will be given to individuals who do not adhere to these guidelines.

  • Commuter Students -  Yellow  Permit
  • Resident Students -  Blue  Permit
  • Faculty and Staff -  Red  Permit
  • Yorktown Residents - Green Permit

General Commuter Parking -- Commuter Lots 

This category of parking will be used for commuter students, guest's and campus vendors. Vehicles with yellow or visitor hang tags will be able to park in any yellow lined parking spot on campus. Those that park in a yellow lined spot without proper parking tag deification may be ticketed or towed at the owner's expense. 

  • Commuter FT 12 credits - $140  
  • Commuter Full time 12 credits or more for one semester - $70  
  • Commuter PT under 11 credits for a year - $70                                    
  • Commuter Part time 11 credits or under for one semester - $35  

Main Campus Resident Parking -- Colonial and Washington Lot -- $250.00 

This category of parking will be used by resident students and staff who reside on campus. Each person will have a designated space. If demand exceeds the number of spaces available, a waiting list will be formed. Overnight parking is prohibited anywhere else on campus except for the designated areas or by expressed permission of the Police Department under limited circumstances. Overnight parking is considered to be from 2 a.m. to 7 a.m. in any space on campus. The University reserves the right to temporarily re-assign designated parking spaces between term breaks, during the summer session/term, and athletic events. Rates-

Faculty/Staff Parking -- Any Red Lined Parking Space 

This category of parking will be used by faculty, staff, guests/visiting staff/ faculty, and campus vendors. Vehicles parked in the red staff faculty spaces without a red permit or guest staff/faculty pass will be ticketed.

Exemptions: if there is a request to be exempt from paying, it may be accepted or denied. If at any point there may be a visit to campus or the possibility of your car being on campus, your exemption will be denied. Only FULLY remote faculty and staff, meaning never coming/attending campus, will be granted an exemption. 

Yorktown Resident -- Yorktown Hall Parking -- $200.00 

This category of parking may may use any lined spaces at Yorktown Hall.  While on main campus, Yorktown residents are permitted to park in the Lower UPMC Event Center lot only. In the event that that this parking lot is closed for Event Center use,  green permits are allowed to Park in the yellow lined general parking areas. Rates-

Handicapped Parking:

There are handicapped spaces throughout the campus. To park in a handicapped space, the following criteria must apply:

  • Must have a current handicapped license plate, placard or a Pennsylvania state or other state issued decal is displayed on the vehicle.
  • The driver must be the person for whom the license or decal was issued.

University personnel will not make the determination as to the physical disability of the individual. Any RMU student or employee with a temporary physical disability may obtain a temporary Handicap parking permit from the RMU Parking Department by submitting certification from his or her treating physician. The certification must be on the physician's official stationery. The treating physician must certify that the temporary handicap parking permit is medically necessary and the length of time it is needed. RMU temporary handicap parking permits will be issued for up to thirty days (30). After the 30 days, a state handicap placard from the PA Department of Transportation will be required. A properly displayed valid temporary disabled parking permit or placard entitles an individual to park in any handicap parking space on campus.

Rates for Parking Permits

All students, faculty, and staff will pay the current annual rate for the period covering August through August of each academic year. Students issued overnight parking permits will have a valid permit from August through April.  In limited situations a student will be permitted to purchase a permit for a single term (fall, spring, spring intersession or summer) based on verification of graduation date.

Obtaining a Parking Permit

Student, Faculty, and Staff  will be able to obtain a parking permit from the Police Department. Students must apply online using the link below. New staff and faculty must fill out the new hire portal through HR, which shall be forwarded to the police dept by HR, for permit issuance. Said permits will then be forwarded to the employees office or Dept Head. 

Everyone must display a parking permit to park on campus. 

Overnight Guest Permits- (2am-7am)

Temporary overnight permits can be issued for a maximum of five consecutive days (and not more than five days for any term) for students.  Overnight visitors must be registered as an Overnight Guest through Residence Life who will then issue an overnight visitor parking pass.  The Police Department will determine the location where overnight guests or visitors may park their vehicles. 

Please refer to the Student Handbook for information regarding overnight guests.

Registration of Vehicles and Payment Process

Commuter Student Registration

Students must register their vehicles annually or when another vehicle is used that has not been previously registered. Notification must be given to the Police Department.

  • Vehicle parking permit registration forms and parking brochures will be available online or at the Barry Center. 
  • The form will not be processed unless payment is made and the form is properly completed.
  • The Police Department will mail the appropriate permit to the student. They will computerize all information and maintain the database.
  • Students can purchase permits with cash, check, money order, MAC Debit Cards (if payment is made in person) or Visa/MasterCard/Discover Card. Check or money order should be made payable to Robert Morris University. 

Resident and Yorktown Student Registration

Students must register their vehicles annually or when another vehicle is used that has not been previously registered. Notification must be given to the Police Department.

  • The vehicle parking permit registration form will be available online or at Barry Center.
  • Students can mail the completed form along with payment to the Police Department. Resident students cannot opt to obtain a general commuter parking permit.
  • The parking permit code will indicate the numbered space within a designated lot.
  • Any forms and payments received by the Police Department after the established date of each year will receive permits on a first-come, first-served basis regardless of earned credits. 

Faculty/Staff Registration

Faculty/staff employees and campus vendors must register vehicles annually or when a vehicle is used that has not been previously registered. Notification must be given to the Police Department.

  • Human resources will distribute parking payment authorization forms and/or authorization can be filled out through the on-boarding system to all full-time and part-time faculty/staff.
  • Appropriate parking permits will be distributed according to the completed information.
  • Faculty/Staff that opt in for payroll deduction are not required to fill out a parking registration form annually, unless there has been a change in personal information.
  • See above section for exemption information 

Refunds of Permit Fees/Returning Parking Permit

If a student leaves the University within the first week of classes, the student will receive a full refund. If the student leaves the University before the end of the term, the parking rate will not be prorated and, therefore, the student will not be entitled to reimbursement for the remainder of the term. They will, however, be entitled to a reimbursement for the next term because the annual rate was paid.  If a schedule change, cancellation, or housing change results in a permit reimbursement, the refund request must be made within one week for a full refund or proration may affect the amount of refund. The permit must be returned to the Police Department to be replaced with the proper permit or no refund will be granted. 

If a faculty/staff employee leaves the employ of the University, payroll deduction will be stopped at the end of the month in which their employment was terminated. A faculty/staff employee, upon leaving the University, will submit their parking permit to the Human Resources Department during the exit interview. If an exit interview is not conducted, the employee must return the permit to the Police Department in order for the permit to be voided.

Upon leaving the University, the student must return their parking permit to the Police Department in order for the permit to be voided and refunded.

Refunds will not be given unless the parking permit is returned to the Police Department.

Replacement Fees/Returned Checks

A lost or stolen parking permit must be reported immediately to the Police Department. A lost or stolen permit will be replaced for a small fee for the first time only. Subsequent lost or stolen permits will be replaced with an additional fee in congruence with the base fee.

The permit holder must present the police report identifying the theft to the Police Department. Permits reported lost or stolen may not be replaced without the approval of the Police Department. Any check returned by the bank and not cleared upon notification will be assessed a fee established by the Accounting and Financial Services Department.

Unauthorized Use of Parking Permits

It is prohibited for any reason to:

  • Produce or alter parking permits indicating eligibility to park on campus;
  • Obtain a parking permit by the following methods which include but are not limited to theft, fraud, trickery, willful misrepresentation of fact, purchase from another or gift from another;
  • Give, sell, transfer or attempt to transfer it to another;
  • Display a parking permit not issued to the person or to display a lost, stolen, counterfeit or altered permit; or
  • Use such a permit in any manner inconsistent with regulations.

Such permits will be confiscated, no refunds will be granted, and the violator will be issued a citation. Violators will be subject to the Student Judicial Process for students or the University Disciplinary Process for employees.

The illegal permit will be confiscated by the Police Department, the vehicle will be towed and the violator may lose parking privileges at the University. The violator cannot appeal the case to the Parking Appeals Board for this type of violation.

University Service Vehicles

University service vehicles can park in any designated lot at any time with a service permit. Employees performing service functions on campus using their own vehicles must contact the Police Department to obtain a service vehicle placard.

Parking Enforcement

Parking permits are mandatory to park on campus; enforcement of parking rules and regulations is continuous.

Parking permits will not be required on Sundays or University-observed holidays, except for overnight, handicapped, fire lanes, and reserved parking areas.

If the assigned parking permit lot is inaccessible due to adverse weather conditions such as snow, lot designations or citations may be suspended on these days. Lot inaccessibility will be determined by the Police Department in coordination with the Facilities Department.

Towing of Vehicles

Towing of a vehicle (at the owner's expense) may occur when a vehicle is:

  • Parked in violation of posted signs.
  • Blocking a posted fire lane or hydrant.
  • Blocking a roadway, drive, or loading dock.
  • Blocking one or more other vehicles.
  • Creating a real or potential safety hazard.
  • Owned or operated by an individual who is a repeat offender or who is using a revoked, altered or stolen permit.

A vehicle may also be towed to facilitate University operations such as construction, maintenance or emergency service.

When parking will be unusually restricted, signs are posted in advance. It will be the permit holder's responsibility to be aware of these postings in order not to have a vehicle relocated.

Booting of Vehicles

Booting of a vehicle may occur when a vehicle owned or operated by an individual who is a repeat offender with citations in excess of $100.00, or who is using a revoked, altered or stolen permit is parked on campus. The vehicle will not be released from the boot until all associated fines are paid in full.

Removal of Abandoned and Derelict Vehicles

Any vehicle partially dismantled or wrecked that does not display a current license plate as well as a valid inspection sticker and is left in such condition for more than 72 hours will be considered abandoned and junked. However, the University reserves the right to remove any vehicle after 24 hours. Such vehicles will be removed at the owner's expense.

Disabled Vehicles

It will be prohibited to leave a disabled vehicle parked on campus without notifying the Police Department. If the vehicle is obstructing traffic or creating a hazard, it must be removed immediately at the owner's expense.

Enforcement of Parking Rules and Regulations

The enforcement of the rules and regulations of this parking program will be conducted by the Police Department. The Police Department will issue University tickets and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania citations. The Police Department will patrol campus to ensure the rules and regulations are properly and consistently enforced.

Penalties/Fines for Vehicle Parking

Any person violating these rules and regulations will be subject to a ticket/citation and will have to pay a fine. Fines will be paid with check, cash or money order only to the Police Department -- all checks and money orders can be made out to "Robert Morris University". Failure to pay a fine within 10 working days can result in the issuance of a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania citation.

A new option of paying parking tickets online can be found at . Please note, that holds may take up to 72 hours to be released after paying in person or online. 

Parking fines and other fines will be assessed for the following violations

$25.00 Fines

  • Blocking roadways, exits, gates, interfering with traffic
  • Failure to register a vehicle/expired permit
  • Posted No Parking
  • Parking at an expired meter
  • Parked in a posted fire lane, by a hydrant
  • Posted No Overnight Parking/Resident Parking Only
  • Parked in an unauthorized lot/area
  • Parked on a sidewalk, grass or landscaped area
  • Failure to properly display parking permit
  • Double Parking
  • Service Areas
  • Failure to stop at a posted stop sign
  • Blocking Trash receptacles
  • "Other" - a blank box for written in violations

$100.00 Fines

  • Counterfeiting, altering and obtaining parking permits by illegal means
  • Parked in a Handicapped parking space
  • Unauthorized parking in Reserved Parking areas
  • Unauthorized parking in Colonial Way Lot
  • "Other" - a blank box for written in violations


  • Failure to Stop at a stop sign/Pedestrian crossing
  • Excessive speed/careless driving
  • "Other" - a blank box for written in violations

Collection Methods

Failure to pay debts/citations/tickets within the required time frame will result in the University arranging for the collection of fees against students, faculty, and staff in the following manner:

  • Fines exceeding $100.00 will result in a boot being placed on your vehicle.
  • Debts owed by students will result in a hold being placed on their registration, transcripts, diplomas, grades, upon the first citation received and remain until debt is paid.
  • The University may recommend the use of a collection agency to collect debts.

In addition, the Police Department will immediately revoke any parking permit if the individual has endangered members of the campus community or damaged University property.

Parking and Traffic Regulations

State Laws/University Violations

All state laws governing the movement and operation of motor vehicles and bicycles are in effect on campus. Police Department personnel are empowered to issue University tickets or Commonwealth of Pennsylvania citations. All accidents/emergencies involving motor vehicles on campus must be reported to the Police Department immediately.

Speed Limits

The speed limit is to be followed at all times. Speed must always be reasonable under prevailing conditions.


Pedestrians have the right of way at all crosswalks at all times. Pedestrians must still be cautious to cross when safe. 

Business Trips/Overnight Trips

If a commuter student, faculty/staff employee or campus vendor finds it necessary to leave a motor vehicle overnight, the Police Department must grant approval. Approval will only be granted under limited situations.