Center for Innovative Teaching

The Center for Innovative Teaching (CIT) is a faculty driven program designed to promote faculty growth in their teaching.

The CIT provides resources for faculty to explore a variety of pedagogical and research based opportunities to help students achieve their goals at Robert Morris University.

Richard G. Fuller, D.Ed.
Director, Center for Innovative Teaching
412 397-6029
Nicole Carlins
Instructional Designer and Administrative Assistant CIT
412 397-6208

Jessica Kamerer
Assistant Director, Center for Innovative Teaching
412 397-3542

Shannon Konek
Instructional Designer 

Alicia Cassels
Instructional Designer
412 397-4200

The CIT focuses on the five key areas of practice that include:  

  • New Faculty Orientation and Support
  • Innovative Teaching and Technology, 
  • Culturally Responsive Practices and Peer Collaboration, 
  • Pedagogical Research and Effective Teaching, and 
  • Reflective Practice and Teaching Circles

Additional CIT Information and Resources

CIT Structure


  • Oversees all activities and works with Operational Board and Advisory Board to plan and execute activities of the CIT. 
  • Manages budget and pedagogical research awards and professional development travel. 
  • Ensures outcomes assessment and prepares annual report.
  • Meets monthly with SESS Dean.

Operational Board Members

  • Hold major responsibility for one of the following aspects of the CIT and supports all programming:
  • New Faculty Orientation and Support
  • Innovative teaching and technology
  • Culturally Responsive Practices and Peer Collaboration
  • Pedagogical Research and Effective Teaching
  • Reflective Practice and  Teaching Circles

Advisory Board Members

  • Advise operational board and coordinator on a regular basis
  • Work with operational board and coordinator on program activities 

Part-time Assistant

  • Performs clerical work as needed for the coordinator
  • Updates and manages the CIT website
  • Takes notes at Operational and Advisory Board meetings
  • Assists in program execution

Operational Board Members

  • Diane Frndak, SNEHS, New Faculty Support
  • John Zeanchock, SNEHS and SIHSS, Innovative Teaching and Technology
  • Gavin Buxton, SEMS, Reflective Practice and Teaching Circles
  • Michael Quigley SIHSS, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Formative Peer Review
  • Jim Shock, SBUS, Pedagogical Research and Effective Teaching
  • Larry Tomei, SNEHS, Needs Assessment and Quality Assurance

Advisory Board Members

  • Eliada Griffin, Director, Massey Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Associate Professor of Management, SBUS
  • Benjamin Campbell, Associate Professor of Engineering, SEMS
  • Ann Jabro, University Professor of Communication, SIHSS
  • Greg Krivacek, Assistant Professor of Accounting, SBUS
  • Ersem Karadog, Professor of Hospitality and Tourism- Sport Management SBUS
  • Monmohan Chaubey, Assistant Professor of Management, SBUS
  • Janice Sarasnick, Associate Professor of Nursing, SNEHS
  • Nadine Englert, Associate Dean, SNEHS, Professor of Nursing
  • Maria Kalevitch, Dean SEMS, Associate Provost for Innovation and Academic Outreach, University Professor of Biology
  • Jacqueline Klentzin Liaison and Campus Engagement Librarian University Professor
  • Pat Litzinger  Director, Corporate Programs and Continuing Education, Professor of Economics, SIHSS
  • Albana Ivanova Associate Professor of Management SBUS
  • Diane Frndak, Assistant Professor of Health Services Administration SNEHS
  • Tim Jones Director, Academic Media Center, Assistant Professor of Media Arts SIHSS
  • Prasad Vemala Venkata Siva, Associate Dean, Asst Professor of Management SBUS
  • Phillip Miller, Chief Information Officer
  • Richard Mills, Professor of Hospitality and Tourism SBUS
  • Sarah Moore, Manager, RMU Outreach and Innovation Center
  • Anthony Moretti, Associate Professor of Communication
Pedagogical Resources
CIT Meeting Minutes

Advisory Board Minutes

Academic Technology Council Minutes

Reflective Practice and Teaching Circles
Data Driven Advising and Navigate

For helpful walkthrough guides on topics such as Setting Availability and Keeping Attendance with Navigate, you can also access the Navigate resources directly using this link.

Faculty Advising Handbook

Attached is the new Faculty Advising Handbook. Here you will find valuable resources to assist you as you advise students in a number of key areas.  This manual will be updated at the beginning of each semester to reflect the current changes within the university.

View Handbook


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