Center for Innovative Teaching

The Center for Innovative Teaching (CIT) is a faculty driven program designed to promote faculty growth in their teaching.

The CIT provides resources for faculty to explore a variety of pedagogical and research based opportunities to help students achieve their goals at Robert Morris University.

Richard G. Fuller, D.Ed.
Director, Center for Innovative Teaching
412 397-6029
Nicole Carlins
Office Assistant- Center for Innovative Teaching
412 397-6208

    The CIT focuses on the five key areas of practice that include:  

    • New Faculty Orientation and Support
    • Innovative Teaching and Technology, 
    • Culturally Responsive Practices and Peer Collaboration, 
    • Pedagogical Research and Effective Teaching, and 
    • Reflective Practice and Teaching Circles

    Additional CIT Information and Resources

    CIT Structure


    • Oversees all activities and works with Operational Board and Advisory Board to plan and execute activities of the CIT. 
    • Manages budget and pedagogical research awards and professional development travel. 
    • Ensures outcomes assessment and prepares annual report.
    • Meets monthly with SESS Dean.

    Operational Board Members

    • Hold major responsibility for one of the following aspects of the CIT and supports all programming:
    • New Faculty Orientation and Support
    • Innovative teaching and technology
    • Culturally Responsive Practices and Peer Collaboration
    • Pedagogical Research and Effective Teaching
    • Reflective Practice and  Teaching Circles

    Advisory Board Members

    • Advise operational board and coordinator on a regular basis
    • Work with operational board and coordinator on program activities 

    Part-time Assistant

    • Performs clerical work as needed for the coordinator
    • Updates and manages the CIT website
    • Takes notes at Operational and Advisory Board meetings
    • Assists in program execution

    Operational Board Members

    Advisory Board Members

    • Diane Igoche,  Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Systems SIHSS
    • Eliada Griffin, Associate Professor of Management SBUS
    • Benjamin Campbell, Associate Professor of Engineering SEMS
    • Soren Fanning, Assistant Professor SIHSS
    • Ann Jabro, University Professor of Communication SIHSS
    • Greg Krivacek, Assistant Professor of Accounting SBUS
    • ‘Ersem Karadog, Professor of Hospitality and Tourism- Sport Management SBUS
    • Monmohan Chaubey, Assistant Professor of Management SBUS
    • Janice Sarasnick, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Clinical SNEHS
    • Nadine Englert, Interim Dean, SNEHS
    • George Semich, University Professor of Education, Director, IML Doctoral Program SNEHS
    • Maria Kalevitch, Dean SEMS and Acting Associate Provost for Innovation 
    Pedagogical Resources
    • RMU Library Book Holdings
    • Faculty Research Articles
    • Pedagogical Strategies
    • CIT Pedagogical Seminar Presentations
    Newsletter and Board Minutes
    Reflective Practice and Teaching Circles


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