Arts and Humanities Scholarships & Awards

Student Awards

Dean’s Scholar Awards

Recognize currently enrolled degree students who have taken at least six credits in each of the applicable terms, have achieved a 3.5 QPA for three consecutive terms (excluding summer), have earned at least 45 credits at Robert Morris University, and do not have a grade lower than a C.

Outstanding Student Awards

Recognize those students who have distinguished themselves in particular majors, subject areas, or activity centers within SIHSS.

Jan Kenton Memorial Award

Honors the memory of Jan Kenton, a dedicated and well-loved member of the faculty from 1968 until her untimely death at the age of 35 in 1976. The award is presented to an outstanding student in English. The award is a $500 tuition credit.

Thomas A. Marshall Memorial Scholarship

The Thomas A. Marshall Memorial Scholarship honors the memory of a well-loved and respected member of the faculty from 1965 until his death in 2007. The award, a $1,000 tuition credit, is presented to one outstanding English major.

John Stanton Carson Endowed Academic Award

The Carson Scholarship of $1,300 is awarded annually to a Robert Morris University student who is an excellent writer. Awardees are chosen by the RMU English faculty for the student's ability to write in poetic and transactional genres, especially non-fiction. Special consideration is given to those candidates who have been published or participated in Rune, the Robert Morris Literary Magazine.

SIHSS Endowment Award

The SIHSS Endowment Award is awarded to two students who have completed at least 54 credits and have achieved at least a 3.25 GPA, and who demonstrate active involvement in School or Departmental activities. The award is non-renewable and will be made by the Dean upon recommendation of SIHSS faculty. The award is a $695 tuition credit.

Student Award Recipients

Jan Kenton Memorial Scholars

  • 2023 Mackenzie Hill
  • 2022 Julie Ceoffe
  • 2020 Danielle Connors
  • 2019 Maggie Brown
  • 2018 Brittany Perrotte
  • 2017 Ashley Delaney
  • 2016 Ashley Messner
  • 2015 Katrina Buchanan
  • 2014 Nika Studeny
  • 2013 Tanner Sebastian
  • 2012 Catherine Morgan
  • 2011 Catherine Lamm
  • 2010 Lauren Kelley

Thomas A. Marshall Scholarship

  • 2023 Melayna Pongratz and Mackenzie Wilhelm
  • 2022 Mackenzie Hill
  • 2020 Natalie Villaflor
  • 2019 Jamie Yonkoske
  • 2018 Megan Dinatale
  • 2017 Kathleen Cercone
  • 2016 Lindsay Bangor
  • 2015 Natalie Groscost
  • 2014 Jennifer Kennedy
  • 2013 Ashley Gribik
  • 2012 Nichole Weis
  • 2010 Emma Venezie

Outstanding English Major

  • 2023 Andrew Komorowski
  • 2022 Natalie Villaflor
  • 2020 Maggie Brown, Megan Dinatale, Brittany Perotte
  • 2019 Megan Dinatale, Brittany Perrotte, Arlington Swaney
  • 2018 Kathleen Cercone, Catherine Morgan
  • 2017 Rachel Bodine, Savanah Buhite, Jocelyn Young
  • 2016 Katrina Buchanan, Tatiana Struble, Ashley Vesci
  • 2015 Brianna Hellier, Tanner Sebastian
  • 2014 Alexis Dripps
  • 2013 Kayla Pumphrey
  • 2012 Paige Pietrangelo
  • 2011 Danielle Velky, Jean Kalevitch
  • 2010 Ashley Wilkinson

Thomas Gaydos Scholarship

  • 2019 Kim Guzman
  • 2018 Hannah Vislocky
  • 2017 Jessica Boothe

Vernon and Ellen Peterson Memorial Scholarship

  • 2019 Jessica Boothe
  • 2018 Allison Wentzel
  • 2017 Donovan Powers

SIHSS Endowment Award

  • 2016 Savanah Buhite
Program Title Degree Availability
Academic Program - Undergraduate
Cinema and Photography B.F.A. or B.A. B.A. or B.F.A. Available - On Campus
English B.A. B.A. Available - On Campus
Graphic Design B.F.A or B.A. B.A. or B.F.A. Available - On Campus
UX/UI Design B.A. B.A. Available - On Campus

Department Head

Pinson, Heather
Heather Pinson, Ph.D.

Professor of Humanities and Media Arts
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