Exchange Students

RMU partners with universities around the world for semester- and year-long exchanges.

Partner Universities

RMU welcomes exchange students from the following partner universities, listed alphabetically by country. 

If your university is not listed above but you would like to start a partnership, fill out this interest form.

Important Dates

Partner University Nomination Deadlines

  • Fall - March 20th 
  • Spring - October 15th

Student Application Deadlines

  • Fall - April 1st
  • Spring - November 1st

Fall 2023 Semester

  • August 20th - 22nd: Arrival at Pittsburgh airport (PIT)
  • August 23rd - 25th: Orientation
  • August 28th: First day of classes
  • September 4th: Labor Day (no classes)
  • November 20th - 24th: Thanksgiving Break (no classes)
  • December 8th: Last day of classes
  • December 11th - 15th: Final Exams

Spring 2024 Semester

  • January 1st - 3rd: Arrival at Pittsburgh airport (PIT)
  • January 4th - 5th: Orientation
  • January 8th: First day of classes
  • January 15th: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (no classes)
  • March 4th - 8th: Spring Break (no classes)
  • March 29th: Spring Holiday (no classes)
  • April 22nd: Last day of classes
  • April 23rd - 26th: Final Exams


Follow the steps below to search for courses at RMU:

  1. Click here for the RMU Course Catalog.
  2. Click on a department. 
  3. Click on “List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book.”

Pay attention to which semester a course is offered in (see image). You may see courses offered for multiple terms. Some courses are offered every semester. Other courses are offered only in the Fall or only in the Spring. There are also some courses that run every other year or have not been offered in several years.

How to Apply

If your school is listed among our Exchange Partners, you are considered an exchange student. Robert Morris University and your school has made a special agreement to make the transfer of students between our schools an easy and smooth process.

Exchange students are students who attend Robert Morris University for one or two semesters, and return to their home institutions.

If you want to attend Robert Morris University for your entire degree, click here for more International Admissions.

The following process is required by Robert Morris University. Before continuing, please check with the Study Abroad or International Advisor at your home institution for any requirements and procedures they require.

  • Have your study abroad office provide an official Nomination via email to Tabitha Slater.
  • Complete and sign the  Application Form* Students are encouraged to apply online as soon as possible. All required documents must be submitted before the application can be finalized.
    • On applications, you should identify yourself as “international” and “non-degree seeking.”
    • Once your application is complete, email Tabitha Slater ( to confirm submitted application.
  • Provide the following to the exchange student manager, Tabitha Slater (
    • Complete, sign and notarize (certified) Financial Statement and support papers (documentation of funds to cover housing, insurance, books and personal items)
      • The student must show $7,500 per semester, or
      • The student must show $6,000 AND proof of insurance coverage, per semester
    • Official transcripts of previous education with English translation
    • If partner university is not in an English speaking country, you are required to prove English skills through one of the following methods:
      • Submit TOEFL or IELT scores
      • Submit a letter from home university confirming you have successfully completed English classes at their home institution, or otherwise vouching for your language skills
      • Plan a Skype interview with Academic Department head, who will ascertain language skills
    • A copy of your Passport
  • After Acceptance
    • Provide the list of courses you would like to take.
    • Completed housing contract (an online link will be sent to you following acceptance into the program)
    • Health form completed and sent to the contact on the form before arrival
    • Payment for room, board, insurance and dorm damage (if coming from one of our agreement universities, all others would also  include tuition)
    • Before or upon arrival, provide proof of required insurance. Details on this will be emailed once your application has been accepted. 

*Any application materials should be submitted via email to

Immigration (Student Visa & DS-2019)

Following acceptance to RMU as an exchange student, you will receive your immigration document called a DS-2019. Once you have your documents, you will need to apply for a J-1 visa. More information about the DS-2019 and Visa process can be found here on the Study in the States website