Department of Psychology and Health Sciences

The demand for healthcare professionals and leaders is projected to grow in the coming years. The Department of Psychology and Health Sciences is working to meet this demand by providing a professional education to students seeking careers in Psychology, Health Sciences, and Health Administration.


The department prides itself on having faculty with professional experience in their area of expertise. Many of the department’s faculty are active practitioners helping to make the classroom experience come alive. Students benefit from the department’s strong professional network with local health systems, non-profits, and community health organizations, helping them to find internships and potential employment opportunities in their field of interest.

Real World Experience

Students are encouraged to take what they are learning in their classrooms and see how it applies in the real world. All students in the department complete a practicum or internship as a part of their program. Students work with their academic advisor to find an internship site based upon their career interests and the population that they would like to work with. This internship experience often serves as the catalyst for a future career.

Innovative Learning

Students in the Department of Psychology and Health Sciences have the opportunity to participate in innovation learning opportunities. From trips to the Pittsburgh Zoo to see behavioral psychology in action to simulating real life medical or psychological crises with medical actors at RMU’s RISE Center, students in our programs engage in innovative experiences to learn and apply class concepts.

Inspired Mentoring

Mentorship has been identified as an important factor towards professional success. Our goal is to build relationships with our students and provide the mentorship needed to help our students move to the next level, whether it be graduate school or their first job.

Program Title Degree Availability
Academic Program - Undergraduate
Health Administration B.S. B.S. Available - Online
Health Sciences B.S. (General) B.S. Available - On Campus
Health Sciences B.S. (Pre-professional Allied Health) B.S. Available - On Campus
Psychology B.S. (Clinical Psychology) B.S. Available - On Campus
Psychology B.S. (General Psychology) B.S. Available - On Campus
Psychology B.S. (Sport Psychology) B.S. Available - On Campus
Academic Program - Graduate
Counseling Psychology M.S. M.S. Available - On Campus
Master Science Health Administration (MHA) M.S. Available - Online
Academic Program - Certificate
Patient Safety and Quality Graduate Certificate Available - Online