Public Safety Employment

Minimum Qualifications

Responsibilities include: enforce the laws legislated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the rules/regulations established by the University; provide law enforcement, security and public safety related services to the University community in an effort to enhance the safety and security of people and property; conduct proactive mobile and foot patrols in an effort to deter or detect criminal activity, security breaches, or public safety issues; respond to incidents and/or requests for assistance by the University community and take appropriate action to either resolve or contain a situation; conduct preliminary investigations of criminal and related non-criminal incidents; document criminal and related non-criminal incidents, using established departmental reports and/or forms, in an accurate and timely manner; ensure that designated University facilities are locked and unlocked at specified times; provide traffic and crowd control during special events or when necessary/appropriate; enforce all rules and regulations pertaining to the University Parking Program by issuing parking citations during the course of their assigned shift; enhance the University community awareness about safety and security issues through informal discussions and formal programming; provide general information to the University community and its visitors; and perform related public safety duties as required.


  • Certification under Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Act 120 (Municipal Police Officers Education Training Commission).
  • Valid Pennsylvania Driver's License.
  • Previous law enforcement experience preferred, ideally in a campus setting.
  • Bachelor or Associate Degree preferred.

Current Vacancies

Contact the HR Department for current vacancies.