Public Safety - Programs

Security Awareness and Crime Prevention Program

The University offers a variety of informative programs for students and employees dealing with how to report and prevent crimes. These programs are available on request by student groups, employees or individuals. Please call 412-397-2424 for further information regarding these programs.


  • Student Orientation: Informs attendees of department services, general crime prevention and how to report crimes.
  • Residence Hall Security: Informs attending staff of security concerns and proper responses to emergency situations in the residence halls, including response to fires and fire alarms.
  • Sexual Assault Prevention: Informs attendees of methods to protect themselves from sexual assault from strangers and acquaintances.
  • Drug and Alcohol Prevention: The Police Department co-sponsors and participates in forums to assist University community members in preventing drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Assault Prevention: Informs attendees of ways to protect themselves from assaults.

“Shots Fired - When Lightning Strikes”

"Shots Fired!" is the last thing you expect to hear in the workplace or at school. Unfortunately, the possibility of this violent event taking place in your community has become a reality that employees and students have to deal with. Although no one is exempt from this threat, injury or death does not have to be the inevitable outcome. Freshman students, new employees and faculty members are shown an 18 minute video with critical guidance on how to recognize and survive an active shooter. It prepares you with a survival mindset that you can survive an incident.

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Vehicle Jump Start / Lock out

All Robert Morris University Police Department vehicles are equipped with both booster packs for jump starting vehicles, as well as “The Big Easy” a tool used to open locked vehicles. This is a service the department provides for all University students, faculty, staff and guests.

Safety Escorts

The purpose of the safety escort program is to provide escorts for faculty, staff, students, and visitors who feel unsafe on campus after dark. The Robert Morris Police Department is committed to keeping the University community a safe and secure place for all of our students, faculty and staff.

Community Policing Patrol

RMU Police Department officers work in collaboration with the Residence Life staff in order to provide and maintain a safe and secure living-learning environment for all members of the residential community. The Community Policing Program brings officers into the residence halls to patrol buildings with the RAs and professional residence life staff several times each evening. This program is designed to offer the opportunity for students, staff, and officers to work together to create a safer campus community.

Operation Identification

As part of the Pennsylvania Crime Watch Program, Operation Identification’s goal is to deter thefts and burglary as well as aid in the recovery of stolen items by encouraging the engraving of personal identification numbers on valuable property, and tracking important identifying information about such items. Thieves tend to shy away from property with engraved numbers due to the difficulty of selling it on the open market. If an item is stolen and later recovered, the identification number will assist law enforcement agents in returning it to its rightful owner. Students are encouraged to document all such items of value by make, model, and serial number and turning that documentation into the Police Department for safe keeping should the need arise.

Campus Crime & Safety Alerts

An alert is released by the department any time a crime or other serious incident affects the safety of the community. All members of the University community are encouraged to sign up for "RMU ALERT.

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S.H.A.R.P. Program - Sexual Harassment And Rape Prevention 

The RMU Police Department provides specialized instruction to all students, staff and faculty through the S.H.A.R.P. Program. This program is designed to build confidence, increase awareness, share campus services, and provide resources to to report an incident