Women's Leadership and Mentorship Program

Empowering Women and Developing Leaders

The Women’s Leadership and Mentorship Program is a select program for 25 students each year that teaches leadership skills and provides opportunities that foster young women’s ability to contribute, lead, and engage in mutually beneficial mentoring relationships.

Cohort members are each partnered with a one-on-one peer mentor and a faculty or staff mentor, and in their junior year, with a professional mentor. Special programs increase understanding of women in leadership, including both successes and challenges.

Annual Women & Transformational Leadership Symposium
Presented by The WLMP

The WTLS is an annual conference focused on the advancement of women and systemic change to eliminate gender bias and inequity. This multi-day event features women leaders in our region and topics that impact the region's move toward gender equity and the advancement of women.

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Peer Mentors

An upper-class peer mentor is assigned to each new student to provide guidance and team up at workshops, networking, and career development events.

Faculty and Staff Mentors

Every student in the program has a one-on-one campus mentor from the faculty or staff to share experiences and offer encouragement and advice.

Professional Mentors

As students reach their junior year, they pair up with a professional mentor committed to young women’s empowerment to build career connections.

Women's Leadership & Mentorship Program

Your gift of any amount will help cover the cost of the various events and programs that the young women attend during their four years at RMU.

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Women's Leadership & Mentorship Program