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If you’re looking for information about our pioneering research projects, “74%”, “What Now” and “The Wage and Benefit Survey for Southwestern PA Nonprofit Organizations” and others, you've come to the right place!

Wage and Benefit Research

When you’re setting salaries, the Wage & Benefit Survey for Southwestern PA Nonprofit Organizations can give you all the comparables you need.  We are deeply grateful for the 185 nonprofit organizations who took the time to fill out the 2021 survey and made it possible for us to report on over 11,000 local nonprofit employees. Thank you!

The 2021 survey is currently available for purchase. Those who participated received the 2021 survey for FREE. The cost for non-participants is $200 for nonprofits with budgets under $2M, and $300 for nonprofits with budgets over $2M. Order the survey and pay online under the section titled, "Additional Programs" at the top of the page. Once payment is received, the survey will be sent to you digitally and can be used by anyone within your organization. 

This bi-annual survey adds depth to our collective nonprofit management knowledge base.

The IRS 990 form for nonprofits to benchmark executive compensation against the market Boards hiring new executive directors or seeking to fairly compensate current staff  Staff leaders seeking to bring equity to their salary administration

Download Previous Surveys (PDF format)

What Now? Research

This pioneering BCNM project brings vital research, conversations and experts together to explore:

  • The ramifications of these retirements on the organizations that serve our communities.
  • The need for better preparation of the next generation of nonprofit leaders.
  • Ideas to improve the prospects for all nonprofit employees.

Take the journey through our research and follow nonprofit stories as the most seasoned leaders and staff members of our communities' vital nonprofits move into retirement. Learn more here.

74% Research

Throughout our research project "74%: Exploring the Lives of Women Leaders in Nonprofit Careers," the Bayer Center examined thousands of 990 forms for Southwestern PA nonprofits to learn about local wage inequity issues. 

We distilled our areas of focus into three key questions:

  • How can we assure young professional women have opportunity for increased responsibilities and leadership roles?
  • How are older nonprofit professional women going to re-tool their careers and eventually retire with dignity?
  • How can we strengthen the board of directors sense of responsibility to their employees? (74% has developed the tool 7 Key Questions for Board Members to help!)

On behalf of women in the nonprofit workforce, the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University is leading the way to promote change in this picture through research and education. Download and share our research brochures, infographic and lead researcher's dissertation here:

Technology Research

The bi-annual Southwestern Pennsylvania Nonprofit Technology Survey examines trends in local nonprofits' technology usage. We are grateful to our 2010 sponsors: DonorPro by TowerCare Technologies, NET Xperts and Plummer Slade. 

Download Surveys (PDF format)

Economic Research

In the fall of 2008, the Bayer Center launched a longitudinal survey to assess the current and anticipated impact of the economic recession on nonprofit organizations in Southwestern Pennsylvania. 

Thanks to the generous support and the interest of the Richard King Mellon Foundation in these findings, the Bayer Center was able to continue our efforts to measure how our region’s nonprofits are faring. The most recent iteration of the survey was distributed in the summer of 2010.

Download Surveys (PDF format)