Logos and Identity

The Robert Morris University logo, or signature, is the keystone of our visual identity and is used on all communications materials. Using it consistently is essential in promoting the University's identity and portraying an image of quality to the world.

Before using the university logo, please read the RMU Identity Standards Manual for policies and guidelines on acceptable and unacceptable logo usage, placement and colors. You can download the manual using the link below or request a hard copy by contacting the Public Relations Office.

Downloadable logos in a variety of file formats and resolutions are provided below.

RMU Custom Logos

Custom department logos can be used for printed materials, promotional products, and anywhere a logo is suitable. Our custom logos are a one-line tag underneath the RMU/Robert Morris logo (two-lines if necessary). If you would like a custom logo, please contact Mitch Kramer at kramer@rmu.edu.

University Seal

The university seal is for official university use only and should not be used interchangeably with the RMU logo. To request a copy of the seal, email Jonathan Potts at potts@rmu.edu.

Athletics Logos

For all RMU athletics related inquiries, including photos of athletes, permission to use any version of the RMU Athletics logo, or to request RoMo to attend an event, please contact Marty Galosi at galosi@rmu.edu.

Official Robert Morris Colors

  • Robert Morris University Blue
    PMS 282
    Web: 14234b
  • Robert Morris University Red
    PMS 186
    Web: e51937
  • Robert Morris University Gray
    PMS 421
    Web: b2b1ae

Photo Library

A wide selection of university photos, including photos of presidential events, alumni events, student life activities, and campus photos are available for free to download on the university's Flickr page. Click here to view the RMU Experience album which has a nice selection of photos and would be a good place to start. Members of the news media or other outside organizations should credit Robert Morris University anytime they post or publish a photo from the RMU Flickr Page and contact Jonathan Potts at potts@rmu.edu before publishing any RMU photos.

No photos taken from the RMU Flickr page may be sold, nor can anyone place a photo on merchandise that is intended to be sold. Only photos from the official RMU Flickr page may be used for free. If you are attempting to use any photos taken from other RMU departmental Flickr pages you must first contact the admin of the page.