As new technological innovations continue to proliferate in our society, so do the opportunities for technology exploitation. Once a mere nuisance, hackers now threaten private citizens, businesses, and government agencies. 

Government and law enforcement agencies need skilled professionals who can join the fight against cyber crime, cyber terrorism, identity theft, and the exploitation of minors. Companies and other private sector organizations need skilled professionals with both business acumen and technology skills for recognizing and mitigating vulnerabilities. 

The Cyber Forensics and Information Security online degree program combines the disciplines of technology, business, organizational behavior, and law. Students learn techniques used to detect, respond to, and prevent network intrusions. They also master broader concepts such as the responsible use of resources, the appropriate management of risks, and the alignment of information technology with the organization.

Salary Information

Position TitlePosition Salary
By type of employer
Banking (Investment)
Computer Systems Design/Consulting/Programming
Consulting Services
Financial Services
Government (State and Local)
Software Publishers
By job functions 
Computer Programming
Investment Banking (Sales/Trading)
Network Administration
Software Design and Development
Systems Analysis and Design$56,667
Other Computer Related
The information in this chart is based off of 2010 information from the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

RMU Salary Survey

2009 RMU Salary SurveyMeanRange
Computer Information Systems
$50,000 - $85,000
Information Sciences
$44,600 - $75,000
Information Systems Management
$25,000 - $70,000