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Louis B. Swartz, J.D.
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 Economics and Legal Studies
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The following proposed curricula was developed by Dr. David Jamison, Dean of the School of Communication and Information Systems and is based on the document, "Preparation for Legal Education," prepared by the Pre-Law Committee (hereafter "the Committee") of the American Bar Association's Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar.

The Committee explicitly recognizes that prospective law students can be drawn from virtually any major, and that successful law students come from a wide variety of academic backgrounds. Indeed, the Committee says:

"'. . . the ABA does not recommend any particular group of undergraduate major or courses . . . developing such a list is neither possible nor desirable."

Instead, the Committee recommends that an undergraduate student contemplating law school develop a set of Skills, Values, and Basic Areas of Knowledge. We believe that, with the following curricula, the Bachelor's degree programs at Robert Morris can fulfill all of the committee's suggestions.

The Pre-Law Curriculum (21-24 Credits)

Curriculum AreaTo Meet Requirement
History(3-6 credits)HIST1020, HIST1021, HIST1055
Political Theory(3 credits)POLS1020 or POLS1030
Ethics & Justice(3 credits)PHIL 2_ _ _
Economics(3 credits)ECON1030
Mathematics(3 credits)MATH1050 or STAT2110
Human Behavior(3 credits)PSYC2520 or SOCI2320
International Relations/
World Cultures
(3-6 credits)POLS1040 or POLS1050


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