Massey Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Dream. Innovate. Ascend.


The Massey Center’s Vision is to be the epicenter of RMU’s innovative campus - serving as a regionally-relevant and globally-minded center of excellence - that cultivates leadership in workplace innovation and new venture creation, to positively impact society.


The Massey Center’s mission is to drive an integrated entrepreneurial ecosystem for the entire RMU community in order to advance the entrepreneurial mindset and practice in the professional workplace and via business start-ups. The Massey Center aims to support RMU in building entrepreneurial leaders who are human-centered, contextually relevant, and cross-disciplinary in their innovative thinking in order to have a lasting impact on society.

Message from the Director

Elevation is not a solitary effort. We dream when unlocking the embers of inspiration that we embody and allow to manifest. We innovate when we obey our inner child’s notion to play, our mind’s ernst to imagine, and our own yearning to question the unexplored and to create the unprecedented. But we ascend when we grasp each other’s convictions, passions, and brilliance and hoist up new possibilities that rise to, and overcome, new feats.

Eliada Griffin-El
Director, The Massey Center

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate

At RMU, we believe anyone can be entrepreneurial, whether you want to own your own business or work for a big bank or accounting firm, whether you want to be an engineer, a nurse, or a teacher -- you name it. That’s why RMU offers the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which is open all undergraduate students, regardless of major, and prepares them to be innovators either as business owners or entrepreneurial employees.

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The Rockwell Fellowship in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The purpose of the Rockwell Fellowship in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is to:

  • Support students who are building entrepreneurial ventures and initiatives by providing a rich environment of knowledge, practice, coaching, and opportunity. 

  • Cultivate courageous and thoughtful innovative forerunners whose own entrepreneurial pursuits will stir critical thinking and creative action across RMU’s campus. 

  • Visibly position extraordinary entrepreneurial student champions to be rising leaders in and contributors to the region’s innovation ecosystem

The Rockwell Fellowship is a 2-year scholarly commitment of engaged learning and  practice in entrepreneurship. Ten (10) students will be selected to receive a $6000 tuition scholarship, $3000/year, for their junior and senior years of college respectively.

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