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At RMU, we believe anyone can be an entrepreneur–whether you are a nurse, a farmer, or simply an assistant. This is why we offer the Certificate for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It is available to all students, regardless of their field of study, with the aim of preparing them to be innovators in their chosen industry.

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a 12-credit, interdisciplinary program, which grants students the ability to customize coursework according to their field of study. As such, the coursework is in line with RMU’s overall gration requirements so that students will be able to graduate as scheduled. Students who graduate with this certificate will have created an actionable business plan or an entrepreneurial project to implement at their place of employment.

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Tapan Seth, Ph.D.
Department Head
Professor of Management

Additional Program Information

Course Sequence

Phase I: Initiate

MGMT 2200: Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MGMT 2200) is designed to assist students in identifying the attributes of one’s personal brand, then applying it to the entrepreneurial mindset to create value in the workplace.


MGMT 2300 Creating Workplace and Personal Value
Creating Workplace and Personal Value inspires students to recognize the unique attributes by which they conduct the innovation process and acquire the tools to best share their value-creating skills.

Phase II: Investigate

MGMT 3200: Special Topics in Innovation
In Special Topics in Innovation (MGMT 3200), students will learn the various techniques and approaches to developing new products, services, and business models. They will also learn cross-disciplinary innovation practices such as human-centered design, futurism, and social innovation.


MGMT 3800: The Psychology of Selling
In Psychology of Selling (MGMT 3800), students will be introduced to the principles of professional sales and learn the relationship between marketing, promotion, and sales.They will engage in role-playing, script writing, and practice sales strategies throughout the course.

Phase III: Integrate

Student’s Choice OR Three Credit Business Internship
Students will have the option to enroll in MGMT 3999, an advanced level course to enhance their proficiency in developing and launching a start-up/entrepreneurial venture, or select an internship (MGMT 4903) with an employer who will allow them to engage in an entrepreneurial project.

Phase IV: Ignite

MGMT 4225: Business Model Innovation Lab
This course is the culmination of all courses in the certificate. It will allow students to apply everything they have learned towards developing an actionable business plan, either for a start-up or for an existing organization to implement. Students will utilize real market data and engage with our regional entrepreneurial assets to complete this task and launch their careers.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Sample Courses:

These are some of the classes for students in this academic program:

Creating Workplace and Personal Value
Special Topics in Innovation
The Psychology of Selling