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Nonprofit Management  
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List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

MSNM6110 - Acct For Nonprofit Organiz
MSNM6120 - Fin Risk Mgt-Nonprofit Organiz
MSNM6130 - Nonprofit Hum Resource Mgmt
MSNM6140 - Marketing Management For NPos
MSNM6150 - Fund Strategic Mgt Nonprof Or
MSNM6610 - Fund Of Nonprofit Organizatns
MSNM6620 - Discov/Asmnt Effect Dec Making
MSNM6630 - Org Development-Nonprof Org
MSNM6640 - Devel Strategies Nonprof Org
MSNM6650 - Lgl Issues/Gover Nonprofit Org
MSNM6670 - Leadership and Management
MSNM7110 - Res/Thesis Proj I- Proposal
MSNM7120 - Res/Thesis Project II-Research
MSNM7953 - Independent Project